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AMCN reports VMAC support cop bike purchase.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by removed-6, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. MOD I edited the heading because it was unintentionally misleading as it was written originally.

    I know we discussed this previously, but AMCN Vol.58 No.2 are reporting that VMAC now are supporting the purchase of more cop bikes with our levy. WTF???
    This has got to be the most stupid idea I have heard to date. MRAV, Tony, JDK, just tell me when and where the meeting is or the protest ride and I will be there.
  2. VMAC supports the purchase of more cop bikes - but NOT using levy money. The communique did NOT support that and it was never passed by VMAC.

    I can state unequivocally that any police bikes bought will NOT be with levy money.
  3. I'm thoroughly sick of the bullsh1t being spread. - so this is from the official minutes. I'll probably get in the poo for this by the way but I don't particularly care... It doesn't really say any more than is in the communique. (Apart from the fact that it should spell out that the VACC oppose the purchase as well - as did several other council members - enough to make it a majority if it comes to the vote) The overall proposal however is really pretty good (apart from buying police motorcycles).

  4. Some one really really needs to STAND on AMCN and the editor.
  5. I have decided to not buy the rag anymore. Boris and the rest are just Bogans, suits the readers of People mag etc.
  6. I'm hoping Matho turns up to the MAC AGM this weekend. I've never met the guy and I'd like to see why misleadingly rehashing an old story is more important than following up the incident (reported on the same page) where numerous bikes where picked up and moved by the authorities. Or the offensive Queensland stuff being sent out (also mentioned on the right on the same page). It's as if they have a real urge to pick on Victoria (where things are actually happening at present).

    The other aticle on the same page about Marcus is reasonable - Marcus considers he has his own valid reasons for resigning. In some ways resigning from VMAC is enabling him to make an even greater contribution behind the scenes.
  7. Well at least HART have the balls to stand up for riders best interests without fear of not being invited to Brumby's office to play. :)

    I can't believe "Who pays for the motorcycles?" is a work in progress. :shock: Surely the answer is Victoria Police. I had to pay for my own bike, so they can too. Why hasn't this stupid idea been thrown off the table?
  8. It's a work in progress because there are a couple of options for this (not the levy). There's other government agencies and stakeholders as well.
  9. Work in progress my arse!
    As Seany said the money has to be paid out of POLICE funding nowhere else.
    Why VMAC even is discussing this is beyond comprehension.
    HTFU you lot make a tougher stand will yas?
  10. If there was any other agencies/stakeholders were climbing over each other to pay for police bikes then why would the issue have ever come about? I seriously doubt anyone else is any more interested in donating their funding to VicPol than I am. :?
  11. Sell outs are everywhere! :?:

    Instead of bringing the motorcycle community together, they are doing the opposite!

    I would not call this a taboo subject!
    I don't want this levy and\or any part of it going to discretion decision makers! I have seen how they turn out! :roll:

  12. nobody said they wanted to - :grin:
  13. As the French say...
    Plus ca change, plus ce la meme chose :LOL:

    I was sent this cutting from AMCN - 1986

  14. Too much ancient history, too many old scores. A plague on all your houses.
  15. If no-one wants to, then it's not an issue anymore and can be officialy dismissed. :wink:

    VMAC have better things to do than assist VicPol in asking other parties for funding to buy them bikes, surely? :eek: Yes, definately, of course they do. :)
  16. Is AMCN a magazine covering motorcycling or has it become DC's personal grandstand?
  17. DC's arguments and puppeteering works on weak minded people (much like religion does) ... I guess that's why AMCN prints his stuff.
  18. I don't always agree with you Jason but this time you're 100% correct.
    I think also that it's because they (unlike others) have never had to deal directly with DC. I think if he moved to Sydney they might not be so supportive. :?
  19. Maybe some sort of news item, posted around the 31st March saying that he'll be moving to Sydney to shake up the MCCofNSW might stir up some feathers...
  20. No - we're talking AMCN not NSWMCC. AMCN would be delighted. Until about a month or two after he got there. :LOL: