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AMCN May Issue

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by N*A*M, May 5, 2007.

  1. Everybody needs to go grab the May 2-15 issue of AMCN magazine.

    There's a write up on LEGAL stunt riding, with some fantastic photos.
    The article itself is quite well written from the point of view of an outsider.

    Team Front Up Freestyle was interviewed and this picture features the team.


  2. Congrats dude! I'll run out and grab a copy. This is the sort of thing I wanted to put together 6 months ago!
  3. i know dude. but the timing was not the best. we were a rag tag bunch of misfits. but since we've decided to knuckle down, get serious and be more professional (e.g. having a plan, team meetings, regular training schedule, etc...). i am blown away by the amount of doors that have opened up due to the website. there are a few things in the pipeline, but overall it is coming together very nicely. hopefully will have some exciting stuff happening in the next few months.

    troy had a bad crash today though... knocked the kill switch while doing a high chair. got thrown forward then run over! :shock:
  4. I'll buy the issue during the week :grin:
  5. Looking very nice NAM.

    What bikes were used in the photo?
  6. Hey guys, good luck with your venture. But, PLEASE don't let this happen to you...
  7. Hey NAM, do you have myspace?

    Was browsing thru some today & I'm sure I saw you on someones
    friends list.
  8. Oh my god what irresponsible behaviour! It will just encourage more stunting on the streets :wink:

    Good form boys, keep up the good work.
  9. Thats not cool at all, but the wrong sort of freestyle... These guys (N*A*M's crew) do moto-freestyle. RIP.
  10. Oh, OK, sorry. Didn't realise.

    Whatever, good luck with it, fellas...
  11. coolness.

    i will check it out when i eventually get my copy in the mail. One of these days i'll get a real shock and my AMCN will arrive before the next issue is out. I tell ya, that mag has some seriously bad organisation and customer skills. But i digress.....look forward to reading the article.
  12. Best wishes to Troy, that sounds f*cking nasty dude.
  13. Just read the write up :grin: well done you and the lads, N*A*M :applause:
  14. thanks movin

    we have posted 5 clips from tricks in the sticks
    check out our website under videos, if you get a chance

  15. VERY professional web-site, mate :).