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AMCN....i now know why i dont buy it anymore

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. after reading the 2009 end of year issue in which boris has a spray at everyone and everything, particularly jdkarmouche i realise how pathetic this "columnist" is.
    sure john puts both feet in his mouth occasionally on netrider and i am not a fan of some of the things he's said but he's out there doing more than boris is in the wider world of motorcyclists.

    boris, you come across as a sad, petty 5 year old, trolling to get some sort of response from the broader motorcycle community. maybe being in NSW has meant i haven't had to encounter your crappy articles or presence as much but that op-ed column of yours left a sour taste in my mouth. therefore i wont be buying AMCN anymore. you comment on MRA membership numbers, how about the 7% fall in readership numbers for your rag? yeah, thats johns fault too i guess=D>:LOL: . anyway, keep it up, i wont be returning anytime soon ( i subscribe to 2 other mags btw )
  2. Hmmmm, making a decision to boycott a magazine on the basis of disagreement with a singular guest coloumnist makes you about as mature as a 5yo yourself.

    Each to their own I guess, but to me, you sound like this => :-({|=
  3. Can you scan the offending article so we can all make our own decision?
  4. Tsk, tsk. One should not encourage others to commit copyright infringements, Smee.
  5. well then one should not make spurious criticisms without backing up what they say. The OP comes across as a sook who didn't like what he read so he took his bat and ball and went home.
    Put up or shut up. pure and simple.
  6. Personally, I reaffirmed why I've never bought AMCN about six weeks ago when I needed some reading matter for a plane journey.

    The content appeared to entirely consist of syndicated articles from overseas. Quantity of quality local input = sod all. There may have been something in the race reports I s'pose, but a brief glance didn't reveal it.

    Chip wrapper or cat-litter box lining I'm afraid. No wonder there's still a cultural cringe when this is the best the local industry can come up with.
  7. I guess this is the article in question....

    Would have to guess that if the OP doesn't like Boris's opinion, then he doesn't care to much for anyone on Netrider's either....

    Personally I only buy AMCN when I'm hard up for something to read....

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  8. It's not copyright infringement if the article is reproduced for "comment".

    Sadly I have given up on the mag as well for the same reason.
    The particular individual lost me a while back with is ignorant views.
  9. Haven't bought it for years. Anything in almost ANY motorcycle mag is available somewhere on the 'Net these days, if you know where to look, and as for 'comment', well it's a lot more intelligent and useful here than the ravings of a drunk boofhead in print.
  10. can you make it any bigger grange?
  11. I just read the article and find no fault with it.
    What was so offensive it made the op want to recoil in false indignation and want to berate Boris over this article? the fact he called JDK on his bluff and finally got the true numbers of the mra membership? It's no different to what we have been asking for and getting him to be upfront and honest to us in here.
    Just you have a read of John's latest thread on exhausts.
    Sorry OP storm in a teacup.
  12. His job is to write opinion pieces, to create controversy and stir the pot. You don't have to like what he write (I suspect he'd prefer it if you don't) and you are welcome to disagree with what he says. But be sure of your argument and be clear in your point, make no mistake, he's not the idiot that some (he himself included) would have you believe.

    By writing something you don't like, the OP has created a post on a very widely read internet forum. Mission achieved.

    Besides all of that, wouldn't it be a drab, beige old World if we only read and sought opinions that we agree with?
  13. Have made it a bit larger ....
  14. you can't diss the mag just because of Boris...that's just what Boris does, stir the pot...you have to take him with a grain of salt or ten...he's kinda like the Sam Newman of the motorcycle community...don't take him too seriously, it's just light reading entertainment.
  15. smee i'm the consumer, the punter, the guy they want to buy their mag. after seeing this sort of crap in the rag for a long time i'm merely voting with my wallet and saying "i aint buying it" anymore.

    so sorry big fella if that offends you. try not to care so much. and yes, i do disagree with some of the posters on this board ( calling hornet! lol. but i admire his consistency and honesty. hell, i even respect him for it.) about the only thing boris has is a failed attempt to troll and big note himself and little to no respect from the punters out there. as someone once said, opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one. this is merely mine....
  16. I've read maybe two articles by that guy. Struck me as a very self-congratulatory fellow who thinks that being forceful in his opinion gives it some sort of legitimate force and makes him somehow more authentic (i.e. right) than the next guy. Maybe I should have read more, but there's plenty of good writers out there who think that a listening way of being is the way to truth; and I left the bully thugs back in high school, don't want to hear them shouting about themselves now.
  17. Then Boris has achieved what he has set out to do which is to talk about his style.
    Again I ask you what is wrong with the article, everything he has written in there is factual and true or don't you like the truth being told?
  18. ](*,) factual? who gives a flying f-ck...? it's all subjective snapper head. his opinion, my comment on it and your rant backing up this andrew bolt wannabe. THATS THE WHOLE POINT!

    it's pointless arguing it ( and i aint arguing it ), merely stating that his op-ed piece ( and thats what it is despite you painting it otherwise ) has turned me off the magazine. i can waste $9.95 elsewhere IN CASE YOU MISSED IT
    thats what the paying public do. tell others they dont like it or that they do. there you go
  19. Again I am asking you (and watch the wanker smilies or I will moderate it) what is wrong with the article that got your knickers in a twist?
    Which particular sentence riled you so?
    Your original post says this "after reading the 2009 end of year issue in which boris has a spray at everyone and everything, particularly jdkarmouche i realise how pathetic this "columnist" is."

    I read the article yet found nothing wrong with it and nothing like you describe.
    Are you such a sensitive soul to find offence in something that tame? Are you the type who needs everything sugar coated because it is too much for you?

    Go on what is so offensive about the article?
  20. Dunno what the author of that piece is trying to achieve, but it is a crap piece of writing, unrelieved by even a pretence of humour - which might have made it a tad more readable.

    If that's an example of what you find in AMCN, I'm glad I've never bought a copy.

    Smee, d'ya reckon the OP might be involved with the MRA in some "official" capacity, hence the outrage? Maybe he's a personal friend of the Prez?