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VIC AMCN Graphic Designer

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Beza, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Australian Motorcycle News is looking for a new Graphic Designer for a 3 month contract position with a view to permanent.

    Send your resume and a brief cover letter with your hourly rate to Paul.Andrews@bauertrader.com.au
  2. Perhaps indicate the location?
  3. Oakleigh, Victoria.
  4. Hi Beza, are you associated with the job/AMCN or just sharing the word?
  5. Yeah I work for them.
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    I'd apply but not likely to get anywhere unless a licenced plumber with a science degree qualifies me as a graphic designer! Lol
  7. BezaBeza Do you have any details on the job or a link to an ad?
  8. Hey mate, basically we're looking for a designer who can design magazines, so all the features you see in AMCN. Good indesign/photoshop skills and a passion for motorcycles would be an advantage.

    You don't have to have editorial design experience but good layout skills is a must.
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  9. There's no harm in sending in your work to the editor, you never know what might become available :)
  10. Cheers fella.
    Can you PM me a contact?
  11. ReesaReesa is great at designing all sorts of things ^_^
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