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AMCN - Attack on MRA-Vic

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cejay, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Has anyone read this yet?

    There is an editorial from Matho with an attack on the MRA and a piece on JDK's 'hypocrisy'.

    I've often taken issue with how JDK persues some issues, but to draw a bow on his HD rides on Eastlink and then say he's a hypocrite is absolute rubbish. It almost looks like a press release from DC.

    How in or out of touch is Matho? AFAIK he's both Sydney based and NSW centric. Does he even articulate what this 'protest' was about? And what was it about?
  2. Just read this half an hour ago. Very unimpressed. The way I'm reading it is that Matho is in bed with DC and JDK is the devil :? I don't understand what AMCN's problem is? To me it seems that the message they are trying to get across is one of

    'Protest because we can - that way things will change. Those who don't protest are against us'.

    Making JDK out to be the bad guy is just trying to start a mini-war within riders.

    What he (matho) should be doing is looking at WHY JDK and the rest of us didn't protest...

    I'm going to shoot him an email now.
  3. Nope but I'll go out and get one asap.

    I've said it before AMCN seems to have a bit of a bias toward Boris, DC and anything "anti MRA".
    Thier last article encouraging people to join DC and Co in the "protest" was a badly written joke.

    Sounds like time to pen (another) letter.
  4. Is it possible to scan the article and post it up somewhere?

  5. **edit**

    Scanned copy 2 x posts down :grin:
  6. I can't help thinking just how far behind the game the Aussie motorcycle press (ACP in particular) are becoming. Not only do they not seem to know what's happening politically, they are the absolutely last to publish news about model changes, new releases and stuff. Even the local newspapers seem to have a better grasp of what's happening.

    It really looks to me like the relocation of AMCN to Sydney a few years ago just took the whole publication out of the industry loop. They don't do half of the new model tests they used to, and even their columnists don't seem to be getting any info that isn't already on the more popular international bike websites.

    Maybe DC is the only guy down south that will talk to them now?
  7. Actually this might work...
    *edited* both pages here now

  8. I think the biggest change was Matho to the editors post. Wooton, love him or loathe him did seem to have a good grasp of what was going on.

    I'd still love to know what the protest was about. I mean, an aim, not just a general whinge about how bad it is to be us. And this idea that there's another protect in November and we're going to 'stop the city'. What for? What is the actual goal of such an action.

    [Edit] Did I read that DC's email address includes his OAM????!!!! He's kidding isn't he. I mean, if I write to that, surely I'll get a NDR?
  9. John discussed the Harley Rides thing with me. I felt that this was totally separate to any protests or anything else and that most people would realise this. I suggested that if we were supporting the protest then perhaps there might be a cause for complaints of hypocrisy but that otherwise it was a good idea. It's his business after all.

    AMCN's involvment in the tolls business seems to be a matter of sour grapes that NSW riders are still paying tolls. What's interesting is that if they had the same tolls there then there would not be protests - in fact they'd probably see it as a win.

    To quote Guy Stanford from the NSWMCC:
    Motorcyclists are happy to pay a toll.
    As long as it is a fair and reasonable rate of toll.

    I find Matho and AMCN in general to be total and complete hypocrites. NSW has had NO political successes in recent times. Victoria has had LAMS implemented, is having input into developing a transport strategy and VicRoads is acting on frangible signage. We have had the levy alleviated (a little) by not having to pay it on more than one motorcycle. This was accomplished after a direct meeting with the Minister (we've had two face to face meetings in the past year - how many have motorcylists had with their minister in NSW?).

    Where are the equivalent successes that are happening in Matho's home state? MCCNSW has done some excellent work on developing "Positioned for Safety" but it has had no input into the state political processes whatsoever.

    John has put a huge amount of time into motorcycle matters recently. He has gone out of his way in establishing relationships with police, government and media - the only ones who continue to constantly knock what he does are the motorcycle media.

    To quote from Australian Motorcycle Council Chair Shaun Lennard's post in another thread:

  10. cejay,
    OAM = Order of Australia Medal??
    NDR = No Damn Rules??

    or different?
  11. NDR is a Non-Delivery Receipt. It's what your mail server sends back when there's no one there at that address.

    OAM, I know, but who has it as part of their email address for gawds sake?
  12. I haven't noticed Nev Gray changing his email address since he got an OAM for services to motorcycle safety a couple of weeks ago. :LOL:

    edit: and to be fair DC's email is uncle.d@bigpond.net.au
    (although calling yourself "Uncle Damien" does come across as a little creepy) :shock:

    DC does insist that anything sent to him have the OAM on the address though.

    I think I'm setting a record for typos today - 7 edits to fix them...
  13. someone needs to point out to AMCN that you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear (as grandma said)
  14. According to AMCN his address is d.codgnotto,oam@bigpond.com

    That's the address he is asking people to send their petition details to.
  15. mmmm...this is friggin confusing the hell outa me...AMCN, VRA, MBA, CNC NBC...what the fcuk is going on with all these groups!

    I don't really care WHAT they call themselves, only that whatever they do is effective...somehow...

    I ride/drive the new Eastlink often, and the WRB's (there's another one), look shoddy and poorly assembled when compared to that of what is on the monash...I hate the bloody things completely whether I have grounds to or not...the fact that the new, safer Easlink is actually NOT, shits me to tears, AND it is visbly so, for bikes.

    I can probably live with the toles for bikes, but they can shove their front number plates up their arsks!, and give us a motorcycle levy if they want to PROVIDED they can point at something tangible and say, that's what we did with the money. They can't do THAT if the dosh goes into the general fund of govt where it is lost as a seperate designated fund.

    I thought the protest ride was a fair display of peoples dissatisfaction with the current situation, and can't see anything wrong with it representing peoples grumbles concerning several different points.

    I can accept all this, because I see very little co-ordination on behalf of motorcyclists in general, and just alot of wind-bagging overall by those that portray themselves to be of our representation.

    Now...that is my mindset at the moment....if I am completely wrong, then that points to a MAJOR FLAW- Why is it that I have this impression in the first place!...it's either lack of information and tangible improvement for me as a bike rider, in whcih case, someone had better straighten me out via the official channels, so I can SEE the results they are making...OR...nothing is really happening...

    Which is it!? (that's a rhetroical question but I'm asking seriously)

    The bottom line is this...Add up the number of cars in peak hour, and put them all at the thier destinations...Now...make all those cars, motorcycles, and to a large extend...congestion solved!
    Yet...NONE of this is recognized by the pimple-heads that seemingly can't see something THAT clear-cut right in front of their bloody noses!
    (yes I know...not 'everyone' is going to ride or can ride a bike, but if it's legitimized, many more would)

    Build a motorcycle friendly transport system/parking system/safety system, and watch the congestion dissipate, and the emense amounts of money spent for car infrastructure disappear.

    While no-one is listening....Here's one for the pimple-heads in govt...build a protected thoroughfare up the middle of the monash and Eastlink freeways, which is motorcyclists ONLY...NO tolls...set a lower speed limit if you must...and then watch what happens to motorcycle sales, and the energy saving it provides, compared to cars, who will STILL be sitting there watching us merrily go past. (wew! what a thought - promote motorcycling)

    Ok...I've finished my opinionated and emotional rant, which does nothing to solve anything, other than express my rage at the uselessness of the current supposed leaders that cannot SEE the potential of promoting motorcycles as a truely viable alternate means of transport, and do nothing to even promote the idea. In fact...I think they do more to discourage it.
  16. He's probably changed it again to get round peoples spam filters. He does that all the time. Most MPs have him on a spam filter. Once you're on his email list you can get two or three a day. (Unless you're on his sh1t list - then they're about you - not to you :LOL: )
  17. How about a letter writing campaign to AMCN - suggesting some fair reporting, with a cc'd copy to ALL thier advertisers expressing the fact that we as readers will stop reading this rag soon?
  18. AMCN has been crap for a number of years and has done nothing more than push their own barrow/agenda for all of that time.

    Where once AMCN was reasonably even handed and covered most spectrums of motorcycling, it has (IMO) now become a pure joke and worthy only of starting fires or wiping butts. It is seriously a crap magazine that lost it's way a few years ago due to staffing changes and restructure (didn't like Wootton but he did hold it together).

    Not quite.

    The MCC have had a victory against the EPA with the noise issues and labelling of mufflers/exhausts which was repealed due to MCC pressure (as were fines).

    Maybe they aren't as 'protest' oriented as Victoria but the MCC does get stuff done and/or on the table via political circles.

  19. We're talking about a publishing company that makes, amongst other things, "The Picture" the editor of which is one Boris....

    Fat chance of any admission of wrong doing, either. Journalists are the most arrogant of professions that I've ever had to deal with. Never wrong, nope, we stand by what we published, even when they get reamed for defammation in court, etc..
  20. A couple of things.

    JDK says it best when he says nothing at all.
    He needs a media spokesperson more than anyone else that I know.

    He should have never called the protest ride a failure unless he was interested in causing a shit fight. Even if the ride was a failure, labeling it as such is not doing motorcycling any favours.
    All it does is allow the likes of Boris & Matho to waste ink and paper each fortnight.

    As for JDK's hypocrisy, well, you really can't blame the mag for that. Sure it's JDK's business and he can promote and run it as he sees fit but, calling the road unsafe and then promoting it for his business only puts him across as, well, a hypocrite. It tells me that he'll say what he needs to say when wearing a political hat and do the opposite when his political hat is off. Nice way to destroy your credibility.

    As a show of solidarity, sure, it may have been a success to a degree as for it getting it's 3,948 points across, well, I'm not sure it achieved that.

    Time will tell. However, I suspect everything will remain the way it was before the "protest"