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Ambulance Victoria Changes To F800's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. http://blogs.motorbiker.org/blogs.nsf/dx/07262005125450MWEETB.htm

    Not a new concept, but a smart one. They can battle through the traffic snarl that the accident has caused, and get to the scene. Mind you, that would mean they would have to lanesplit to get there... and that's a no-no... :LOL:
  2. Hey Dan

    I'm pretty sure we have a few of these servicing just the CBD of Sydney, and also, of course, a few NRMA Road Service bikes as well, for the same reason. It makes perfect sense when Sydney's roads were maxed out 20 years ago and are worse now!
    As far as lane splitting is concerned, ambos drive on the WRONG side if it suits them, so lane splitting is the lesser of those two evils....

    (ooo I just reminded myself of a joke, no, must be good, keep to the topic, grrrrrr!)
  3. (OT)
    is your r6 in qld dan?

    or do u ride something else up there?
  4. yeah mate ny r6 is up here... have you seen a black R6 misbehaving down there? :D
  5. hehe yeah theres a black one with red in richmond i see everyday on church street. it sounds awesome :D i know what my next bike will be..
  6. but thats awesome, your up there for work right? did they pay for freight of your bike? or how much did it cost you?
  7. bought it while I was up here (been up since oct last year). Riding it back home in oct though, which should be fun.
  8. back on topic...

    great idea re: ambulance/ first aid vehicle. In similar league as the tow bike (http://www.exn.ca/video/?video=exn20040414-towbike.asx - posted a while back) - takes advantage of the ability to move through traffic much more than cars to arrive at a scene much more quickly.
  9. Re: Hey Dan

    can we hear that? or open a new thread
  10. In Japan motorcycles are also used for fire-fighting operating in teams of two, one bike fitted out for fire supression the other equipped with equipment for rescue and first aid. Got to be a lot easier than trying to squeeze a firetruck through city traffic.
  11. Back around '94 I saw a Queensland Ambo bike fitted out. It was out in Longreach at the time.

    As for Fire/Fighting off bikes, sorry but I seriously don't think that with our current equipment types that it would work (might guess us some new equipment though!!). Considering a roll of 64mm Duraline hose is like 20kg (guess) and then you'd have a branch (bit where the water comes out of) and a standpipe for accessing hydrants. As for rescue gear there is no way a Holmatro pump and spreaders / cutters high pressure hose etc is going to fit on a bike let alone BA Sets. Thats why we have "Big Red Trucks"

    Good Idea if we could make everything small enough.

    Wrong side of the road? Ha no problem :p



    There is no such thing as an "accident"
    Merely a series of ill-informed or negligent decisions on the part of the F@*kwit at fault
  13. HAHAHA the 2 pictures at the bottom of the page remind me of the GHOST BUSTERS. The one on the left has the gun to shoot the ghosts and the one on the right has the box contraption which sucks the ghost in and holds them :LOL: :LOL:

    Check this out for a comparison Click Here . The outside 2 are the guy on the left and the middle 2 are the guy on the right.
  14. Well they certainly do things different over there. I can see the point if traffic was impossible (which I can very well imagine over there) and the boys could give em a flogging on the w/end hehehe :p


  15. And here's an African off road version of a Bike Ambulance.

    Took me 10 minutes of going through the ASC news archives to find it.
  16. Gives a whole new meaning to "Eat my dust"

    Points to em for trying
  17. I work in Richmond, on Church street, and have a Black R6. If it's me, you might see me between the freeway and Swan St.
  18. Ambo bike

    I'm pretty sure they still have them in Sydney, they trialed the idea in melbourne but the wet tram tracks were considered too much of a safety risk. :(
  19. AHA, so Fixed is the object of this motorcycling lust, eh????
    Gotta admit, it's hard not to like the R6, sounds good and looks like it's doing 100mph standing still. :)