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Ambulance Victoria Board Sacked

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Victoria Police, DPP and now Ambulance Victoria.

    I hope the same broom is used for the TAC and VicRoads.

    The bureaucracy must be feeling very uncomfortable. :eek:hno:

    Health Minister David Davis sacks board of Ambulance Victoria
    Herald Sun AAP, August 24, 20114:17PM

    THE Victorian government has sacked the board of its ambulance service.

    Health Minister David Davis made the announcement today, arguing a new Ambulance Victoria board was needed to turn around the poor financial and operational performance of the organisation.

    "We need to start a fresh,'' he said.

    "We need to start with a new broom.''

    Former Southern Health chief executive Professor Just Stoelwinder will chair the new board, which also includes Liberal Charles Gillies, former Barwon Health chair Claire Higgins and former Ballarat Health Service chair Lynne McClennan.

    Auditor-General Des Pearson slammed Ambulance Victoria in a report last year, noting it had never met its targets for response times to code one emergencies.

  2. Good to see them taking action
  3. So no crashing til they get this sorted out? The Cagers might not like that :rofl:
  4. Just after they handed the air ambulance contract to the wrong operator. Too late to fix that one.
  5. Big Ted does seem to be playing musical chairs with the bureaucracy, so maybe. I don't have a lot of faith in stated Coalition policy, but a bit of payback for the fat cats would be welcome.

    I'm still trying to work out where the AG stands. On face value (this, and other audits) he seems to be uncritical of the goals each organisation sets, and judges them on fulfillment performance only. Understandable I s'pose.
  6. AV are pretty badly ****ed, and I don't know if a change in management can help that.

    Shame elections aren't won and lost on Ambulance numbers.
  7. You sure they are not?
    I'd say law and order, hospitals and the ambo's influenced a LOT of votes last time.
  8. I must have missed it - I saw a big debate about police numbers but not AV. I could be wrong!