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Ambulance To The Rescue!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Or not.

    Almost an accident story below... If your allergic to near death stories beware.

    I had just replaced my gloves because the old ones are wearing thorough the fingertips, then I thought go get some lunch so i left Ringwood heading for Knox city food court for some Subway (Eat Fresh) and i was obeying the speed limit (Rare for me that’s for sure) up Wantirna road then turned left through the slip lane on to Boronia road, (3 lanes each direction, centre divider 80k's).

    The left lane has a bus in it going through the intersections (as the lights just went green just as I straightened up) the middle lane is totally clear and the right lane has a row of four to five cars the one at the front of the queue moving off slowly is a large 4X4 wagon with dark tinted windows.

    So my obvious choice is the middle lane, my GPX is only tiny so by the time i get to the intersection I’m doing about 75 full throttle, as I cross the painted lines on the road I realize this is all about to go very very very bad!

    The 4X4 is stopping very hard for the AMBULANCE that is turning across his and my path, its about 10m away from me and slowly turning across the intersection, the bus is still blocking the left lane (it stopped with the rear half way through the intersection) so I cant escape there, the driver of the ambo either thinks I'm going to stop (trying to as hard as i can by this stage) but I'm going to fast to avoid him if he keeps going!

    I grab enough of the front to have it gently skid and roll, skid and roll, skid and roll as the surface of the road changes under it, my foot is hard enough on the back but its not helping at all so I push harder (Big Mistake) the back locks up and the rear of the bike indicates and pulls out to my right to over take me!!! :shock: I steer towards it and end up heading to the still moving ambo sideways!

    So now I let off the brake for a split second, the back comes back in to line behind me, but then keeps going and flicks out to the left hand side! by now I’m starting to panic as the bike feel like its going completely sideways and were heading for the front of the bus wheel and if it doesn’t see me I’m going to go under it then its going over me.

    so I let go, all brakes now free, you go it. the bike grabs the ground and the bike stands up and tries to flick me off, my knees are above the tank but my feet are still on the pegs, I lean towards the gap that the f*cking ambo driver is still making smaller and squeeze through as I sit back on the seat and ride off down the road, still upright. :grin:

    Didn’t shit myself but I was a little rickety for a couple mins afterwards, well over it in about 5 mins.

    (hope this wasn't too interesting, netrider has been a little boring lately)
  2. zealt...
    @ the end of the day & for th rest of your ride home it makes you think. good to see your just safe/
  3. I have a story. It's not that impressive and I was very lucky. I hit a divot while cornering at city. Sent me into a tank slapper and laid teh bike down at around 70. I crashed infront of two ambos and a copper. Got the sirens :p.. but I stood up.. had a little rage on the side of the road and then off they went :)

    I was just a little road rashed up and annoyed... :)
  4. Damaged bike?
  5. it has come out alright. 4 crashes later and it still works :). Can vouch that nakeds are definately cheaper to spill.

    Just realised how bad my grammar was in my last post lol
  6. they fined you?
  7. my foot sliped on the peg coming over a speed hump in the wet this morning and smashed my nuts into the tank, wewt!!!
  8. so cars . buses everywhere . in a major intersection . and your doing 80klmph :shock: wake up too self . dont u remember what they taught u in l p classes :roll:
  9. They taught him how to spell.
  10. Good to see you're still safe Zealt, that's what counts.

    ... and I agree, Netrider has been pretty slow these last couple of weeks.
  11. No news is probably good news around here when it is in relation to crashes etc!
  12. good . and else counts is he learns from it . might not be so lucky next time :roll:
  13. Learn what???

    that no matter how much you look and make sure cars are flowing through an intersection and that you have a clear open space, with cars on both sides blocking traffic from hissing you there is always bound to be an ambo about to shove his way in without checking its clear?

    Lesson learnt..
  14. saw an accident on forest rd at peakhurst a while ago, at the boundary/bonds rd intersection. peak hour in arvo, 200+ metres traffic banking up to get through the lights, cop lights flashing doing about 50 down the other side of the road, slowed as it approached the intersection. not sure where it was going to, a chick turned out of boundary rd to have a head on with the copper. thought it was pretty damn funny.

    insurance would have a field day. who would be the at fault party?
  15. your comming into a major 6 lane intersection doing 80klmph with 4 cars in the right lane . a bus in the left. u see a gap .clear middle lane .but dont slow down ..??? intersections is where most accidents happen??? :eek:
  16. So if it isn't the cops in the wrong it is now the ambo's going to save lives that are in the wrong? As the you stated in your first post, the ambo was turning slowly, all other traffic had stopped. You didn't pick up on it, it is a bad situation.

    It sounds like the ambo's were taking due care by proceeding slowly, bus was in the intersection on the left blocking their view so they rightly didn't scream into the intersection. to me they did check it was clear, but to deal with a bike flying in at 75 - 80?

    Cops, Ambo's and firies have a job to do to help us, and when they do this job and take care and still get bagged....? :shock:

  17. I didn't say the traffic had stopped at all, in fact i said quite the opposite, moving off! which implies "Not Stopped".

    The intersection was completely clear in my lane and none of the traffic traveling with me made any indication in any way of blocking my path, the lanes are very wide and all was safe, the 4x4 pulled up as hard as it could to avoid the ambo too, the bus was already half way through the intersection indicating left and also blocking the ambo's way..

    I checked all i needed to.

    checked my lane,
    checked left lane
    checked right lane
    checked other side of the intersection was clear
    checked traffic to the right that would cross through as far as i could see
    checked i wasn't speeding
    checked what the bus was doing
    checked what the 4x4 was doing
    checked to make sure i wasn't still indicating

    BUT next time i guess i will have to stand up on the pegs and look over traffic for an ambo who cant seem to find the siren switch.
  18. but you did not cautionly slow down aproaching major busie view blocked intersection :roll: u just mantained your speed :roll: be very careful when a bus or truck is blocking your view :wink:
  19. Sorry I misunderstood, I read stopped as stopped. And moving off slowly as moving off slowly, as in "cautiously".

    My mistake. But I still agree with the others.

    Also regarding the siren, where does it say in the Road Rules that it has to be sounding?