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Ambulance cuts up jacket, what happens?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by undii, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Hi, just wondering as I have finally cleared up $$ everything in regards to my accident besides my (basically) brand new leather jacket that the paramedics cut to 'get to me'? It doesn't seem to be covered by my insurance as personal items weren't damaged IN the accident in the claim by me. Does anyone cover me for this? I have the receipt for the jacket in case that's needed. Or is it a case of bad luck, the jacket went 'for a greater cause'?

  2. I reckon you should think yourself lucky that you were wearing a jacket that protected your skin :)
  3. Got the pieces?? Stitch it back together!!

    Seriously though, they did the same to my cordura pants. Luckily for me the accident was the dumb bitches fault, so I claimed EVERYTHING.
  4. So if i do crash , knock on wood , if other person fault i can claim my gear also?
  5. Count yourself lucky :)
  6. Well I would naturally but in my accident, I landed on my hand it seems and that's it. My jacket actually didn't do anything/get a scratch/mark on it except when the ambo people cut it open. But my original question was just asking if I could claim it from anywhere (TAC?) or it's just a case that ambo people cut, it's "gone to god". Seeing as I'm a few thousand out of pocket, every little bit I claim back helps (to getting new gear ;) )
  7. As far as I'm aware it's just bad luck mate, part of your total cost of stack.

    Some insurance companies cover gear in a crash up to a certain amount - but if yours doesn't, that's just the way it is.

    On the upside, you may now purchase your next set of leathers to match your new bike, and thus look like a tool bag on a new bike with new leathers!
  8. If your insurance company covers you for gear. Which many do. Don't worry about thinking yourself lucky and claim the bloody jacket. Who cares if it didn't get damaged by the actual off, it was destroyed because of the off. If you didn't have that happen your jacket would be fine so it's all a cost associated with the accident.
    TAC wont cover it as they do not cover you for property, just medical costs mate. Call your insurer, find out if they cover you for gear and if so what the limit is. Then maybe even add a helmet and gloves to the claim if the limit is enough. Get as much of the F'ers as possible!
  9. Nod, I claimed my helmet. I'll ring the insurance company and see what they say then. Cheers
  10. I already purchased leather jump suit from johnnyO the week before the crash. I just wasn't going to wear full leathers on a 250 ;) Still have to get helmet though, bikemart night next week here I come :)
  11. I agree, the jacket was damaged "as a result of the accident" and the insurer should cover it if they have covered your helmet.
  12. Get over it,Ambo,s do a fantastic job,whats a jacket compared to your health. Maybe you could try the American approach and sue them for emotional distress,thereby sending their insurance skyrocketing,thereby sending all our insurance premiums skyrocketing even further. :roll:
    Having got of my :soapbox: ,Shannons on their ad,s on T.V, at he mo,say new for old replacement on riding gear,cant imagine them being cheap though.
  13. Bloody hell, I was just asking if the jacket could be claimed $ from anywhere. Did I say I was peeved at them for doing it.
  14. I think you're being a bit harsh Movin. He wasn't having a go at the Ambos. I think we all have the utmost respect for Ambos here. There's no question of even thinking about hitting up the Ambulance service for the cost of the jacket. Wazza was asking whether the insurance will cover it...

    Oh, and Shannons will only cover your gear if you keep it in a locked cupboard and only actually wear it once a year...
  15. What's the deal with my last 2 posts here disappearing?? What cos I supported undii from movin's rant which was based on the fact he could not or did not read undii's post correctly. What's with not being able to tell someone to get off their stupid soap box??
  16. The QBE policy automatically covers protective clothing. When I had my 'big' stack in 2002, they even replaced the socks and jocks the medics cut off me in the emergency unit.
  17. Were you knocked out in the crash? Or had back/chest pain etc that was preventing you from taking off your jacket the 'normal' way.

    Ambo's should (try to) cut up the stitching so the leather can be repaired without looking like frankenstein and being half a size smaller

  18. The guys I know who do medical stuff at motorsport will try and cut along the stitching if possible but the patient care will always take precendence (and rightly so) over a pair of leathers everytime.

    Try your insurance company and you might get lucky but PPE is designed to protect the user and should be tossed once it's been used anyway. Then again how many of us made sure the seat belts were replaced in a car after a prang like they should be??
  19. My recent experience...

    My hubby helped the poor nurse in emergency cut my pants off me seems that underdog leathers are pretty tough. The ambo guys helped me out of my jacket which was nice.

    I have had home visits twice now and have not asked to see my leathers... in due time i will but if you get a good person, they will cut along seams to aid in the repairs.....

    My gear will be covered, just sorting out the details with insurance.

  20. i bet thats not the last time burger will be tearing your pants of kanola :grin: