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Ambulance Cover

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by es, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Im trying to find a good ambo cover, I mean at less than $40 a year its something Id rather have than not.
    I tried looking up st johns ambo cover but couldnt find anythinga bout it, HBA says it doesnt cover first aid administrated by ambos where you arent taken to hospital, medibank says $36 but im not entierly sure what it covers.

    Who else provides ambo cover? who are you with? Do you even have cover?

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  3. oh gee, i didn't even realise you could get it cheaper then the ambo's themselves (think thats $55.00 per year) might have alook around next year :(
  4. I dont have ambo cover. TAC pays for the ambo fee in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

    Workcover if your at work pays.

    And of your at home just hope there is someone there that can take you to a hospital. I would just pay the $60 for the full ambulance cover.
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  6. I know a few elderly ladies who have it for when they fall over.
    My SIL for her Asthma
    Broken arm for the kid next door, compound fracture.
    Heart attack
    Early labour, many reason why you should have it. But each to there own.

    Yep if in an accident on the road TAC will cover it, at work, workcover covers it.
    TAC is a funny one thou, a stupid mate of ours had a car accident. Drink driving TAC didn't pay out the ambulance he had to.

    I guess you need to weigh it up. But for $110 year our family will pay it.
  7. For anything less than the standard I'd be looking into the clauses. You'd hate to need an ambulance for whatever reason and then find you're several hundred or thousand out of pocket because your cheaper plan didn't cover you
  8. My private health insurance covers my Ambulance cover, and TAC as mentioned if I have an accident. Don't have Workcover as I'm self employed, and I still pay the $55.00 per year just to be on the safe side.

    It's just not worth risking it.

  9. you would be mad not to have ambo cover, jeeze it gets bloody exe very fast,

    ambo cover

    airlift from upper murray river to sydney


    no ambo cover


    not worth the risk
  10. I am with AHM and they have full ambo cover. You get a lot more for your buck with them. Are you looking for ambo cover only or some basic private package that includes ambo cover?
  11. i think mine was like 30 something with a rebate hcf
  12. The TAC pays all your ambulance cover

    The ambulance fees apply anywhere in Australia if you have Victorian TAC cover. You may have some paperwork to fill out for an interstate crash but that's all.

    That's not to say you don't need Ambulance cover - you still do...
    You need it you fall and injure yourself at home.
    You need it for a sudden illness...

  13. yeah my private health cover includes ambo as long as your admitted to hospital. Thats fine cause i cant see when you'd need an ambo but not be admitted??
    But i do know that you cant get cover through your normal private health insurance in all states and you have to get a seperate policy.
  14. I've only just got ambulance cover. I assumed that my private covered it and if not then TAC or Workcover would fill in the gap, but when i found out it was only $55.00 it was a no brainer. For instance, my private cover does include it, but it's capped at 1 instance per year.
  15. I've used the ambo four times for me and my family

    $110 bucks per year is nothing compared to the cost if you ever need it..
  16. Feb 17th 1987. I turned 17 and 9 months, got my learners permit, took out ambo cover and joined medibank. I am safety girl. You never know. Thankfully I have never been in an ambulance. I had to call one for Shaun about 5 years ago. Greensborough to the Austin ( Heidelberg) one way- $ 570. He had no cover. They were very good, (it was the week before xmas) and let him pay it off fortnightly over 3 months. My family cover is $ 110 per year last time I checked. With kids that are sports mad, its worth it.
  17. One other way to get it a bit cheaper is to pay for more than a year at a time. Thats what my mrs does, I think it was 5 years cover, and worked out quite a bit cheaper. So if you can afford to do so, it is certainly worth it.
  18. You've got to remember that you pay from the time the Ambulance leaves the branch (depot) drives out to pick up what's left of you, then takes you to hospital, then drives back to the branch.

    It's $5000 minimum for a helicopter ride as well.

    You can avoid fee increases by getting a 5 year membership (I did & still have 2 years to go).

    If you fall off a ladder at home and have a spinal injury you cant just get a mate to chuck you in the back of a car so that suggestion by someone earlier is just plain silly and hopefully was made with tongue firmly planted in his cheek. Besides if a mate is p1ssing blood everywhere from an injury he aint getting into my car no matter how injured he is :wink:

    Ambulance subscription, private health insurance & comprehensive vehicle insurance are a must in this day and age.

    Beware of exclusions in Ambo cover offered by health insurance policies & things like MA insurance if you're racing (MA forces racers to have separate cover anyway)
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