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Ambulance cover

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GreenNinja, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    Ok I'm thinking of getting ambulance cover, just in case 1 day it happens (i stack it).

    I've been told that it cost $55 annually.

    But I'm hearing conflicting stories, I know it's costs around $600 for a ambulance to take you to hospital.

    But how much if a helicopter takes you?
  2. A lot more than $600. Get the cover bloody absurd not to have it.
  3. +1 the annual cost of cover is negligible compared to what it could cost you...
  4. As far as I am aware, in NSW a helicopter ride is not charged to the patient. Ambulance yes, helicopter no.

    That said, yes get ambulance cover. I've had two ambulance rides so far and each would have cost me between $600 and $800 (for <10 minute rides). Longer ride = more $ I'm pretty sure.
  5. Many thousands for a helicopter. While doing Tasmania Strathgordan road a mate hit a Wallaby and had to be airlifted out to Hobart. He is OK. Received a bill for in excess of $4k. TAC paid that one.

    Generally for Victoria a road accident TAC will pay for Ambulance but it is still worthwhile having Ambulance cover. Other States have different arrangements. I still think it is cheap insurance to have Ambo coverage. You may be injured in a non road related accident.
  6. Trips in a helicopter can cost upwards of $2000. On average about $5000. Get covered.
  7. I had a chopper for rock climbing, $3000+ or something... I didn't look at the figure, I was covered. For $55, your frikking insane not to have it (motorbike or no motorbike).
  8. +1 though i do have it as i have been up cleaning gutter on the roof lately
  9. You need it anyway - one trip every 10 years and you'll be ahead.
  10. mate of mine landed on his head doing a backflip while snowboarding in canada. chopper fee was $650. no joke
  11. Paid it 2 days ago, 120$ annual for 3 of us. Last time I was single was like 55$ I think. If you dont have ambulance cover, regardless if you ride, I think your asking for trouble.
    Had to use it few years ago, 5km trip,880$ :shock:
  12. You would be crazy not to get it!

    *opinion may or may not be biased due to being a student paramedic
  13. Mine was covered by the TAC when I needed it, but yeh ambulance cover was about the first thing I ever bought when I got a job.

    I don't think I even saw a bill for mine, but I'm glad I was covered; the heliopter ride from Reefton back to Melbourne wouldn't have been cheap.

    And a shout out to all the ambos and the police air wing while I'm here, you guys were great.
  14. I got it the day i got my learners.

    Stupid not too. Hoping that TAC will cover it aint sufficient i believe. What if you drop your bike of the footpath and somehow injure yourself? Theres a bahzillion ways to injure yourself enough for a 'ride'.
  15. It's relatively cheap, I'd never thought about it till someone told me it could cost couple thousand dollars for a helicopter ride...

    I will get it ASAP!

    The last time i didn't need a ambulance because i stacked it a couple corners around my place and couldn't go anywhere because my leg was broken. I was expecting mum to come home so I'll ask her for a ride instead ... :p
  16. Heh, you can need an ambulance for all sorts of reasons. I'm a pretty healthy bloke, but I got really bad gastro one night, passed out while throwing up, ingested vomit woke up not able to breath properly. Definitely needed an ambulance, and ended up in hospital with severe pneumonia.

    You reckon I saw that coming? :shock:
  17. Hmmmmm Zed i was airlifted (when in NSW) near on 3yrs ago, cost me about $650 from memory and that was from the Westpac rescue chopper which I believe at the time was still heavily sponsored/funded by the then state government. The invoice was from NSW Ambulance service so have they changed their policies recently ?
  18. I can only go off my friend's experience. He was airlifted out of the national park here in Sydney after hitting the only deer in Australia :p. He never received a bill for the aircraft.

    My friend did end up as a private patient (much later that evening) but he was initially admitted as a public patient. Given my experience with the NSW health system's ability to share information regarding compensable vs non-compensable status (hint: it's nonexistent) I highly doubt the helicopter operators simply sent his private health care fund the bill directly.