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Ambulance cover / health insurance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ResmeN, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Presently I have neither of above and never have in the past. But since I have begun riding I have been thinking about it more and more what if? what if? like that gio insurance commercial about what if I fall and have an off.

    At this stage I am only looking at getting ambulance cover for my household, possibly health insurance too if they throw it in as a package.

    Which companies do netriders have ambo cover with, which ones would you recommend and which ones would you recommend to stay away from?
  2. Don't think about cover for riding accidents - TAC covers all of this (i think there is a $500 out of pocket if you are not admitted to hospital) and it's generally better than any health cover.

    It's worth considering for all of lifes other incidents though.
  3. ^^^ what he said.
  4. what she said makes a lot of sense and has eased my worries to a certain extent.

    Okay now that the tac covers rider offs what about health insurance in general. Who do you recommend and are pleased with their services offered which you have or haven't utilised. I heard after a certain age there are also some tax benefits too with having health insurance.
  5. That's as easy as answering which moto insurance to recommend.

    Different people tend to get different deals with same companies.
    Pretty much just have to call around with your details and what you're looking for then compare deals...

    Good luck with it all...
  6. Hmmm looks like I got my work cut out with this one and will begin the comparo and call around during the week. Thanks for the tips.

    My bike insurance is also up for renewal which I think I'll also be upgrading from 3rd party f+t to comprehensive so I'll try and knock both of them out of the way.