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Ambo cover?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fuggit, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. well here i was getting excited about my upcoming new bike and for some reason i thought about ambo cover and private health my questions i'm a asking is does netrider have any deals with the private health companies and if it doesn't what a bonus it would be for everyone if we did

    thats all for now :D

  2. Check with your specific state re ambo cover.

    In Victoria, ambo cover is covered with your TAC component of your registration.

    As for Netrider discounts for health insurance, there is nothing in place at present.
  3. bugger worth a shot guess i'll have to keep shopping around
  4. Sure??
  5. i recently took out private healthcare for three reasons:

    - ambulance cover
    - i wear glasses and tend to upgrade about once a year
    - it covers my semi-regular cupping and acupuncture

    just over $50 each month (my chinese medicine almost costs more than that a month).

    for the record, i'm with HCF.
  6. Not sure about NSW, but in Vic you have to be careful with private insurance covering ambulance costs. There are usually an immense amount of clauses that the insurer can get out of paying the trip unless it is under specific circumstances. The sure-fire ambulance cover is just to get st johns membership, which will always cover you, no matter what kind of stupid thing you've done!
  7. If TAC components includes ambo cover...why do i see those ads asking you to sign up for ambulance cover. ??? :?
  8. I carry ambo cover just in case.

    Say your bike snuffed it and you were walking for help and something happened?

    Scenario. You have a stack. Ambulance comes, checks you out.You're OK. You walk away and trip over the broken bike. Covered? Prob not.
    As they cart you away, you wonder what this is going to cost.

    Sometimes when you stack, the symptoms may only show later. Does the TAC cover you????

    If you have a health card, I am told you do not need a ambo cover, But I still have it. Peace of mind.
  9. I jumped the gun...all is good :wink:
  10. gotta watch the health insurance as it may cover an ambo but not air lift/flying doc that's only covered by direct ambo membership.

    I have ambo cover for the reason's Brian says above and thats the just in case area...
  11. If you crash on the road whilst on a bike/car/tractor/4wd etc etc, TAC covers the cost of the ambo ride, be it air or road.

    But dont just take my word for it :p

  12. Well I guess that's the horse's mouth. Thanks Vic.

    As for circumstances outside an accident on a public road, my private health insurance covers the cost of 'any medically necessary evacuation'.
  13. i've just been thinkin about this ambo cover thingo and our exorberant prices we have to pay for vehicle rego :evil: if we pay so much u would think something like this would be included in the ctp slip or fuggin rego or just about fuggin somewhere else in these fees cause i cetainly know that it does not go back into the road anyone from NSW like to clarify what is actuaaly covered in our rego as i dont know :-k
  14. rta web site does not indicate the break-down of where your registration monies are actually used. I would imagine it would be buried very deeply within some bureaucratic paperwork somewhere, but I don't reall think they want you to know it.
  15. Ambo Cover

    I'm an ambo in Vic and this is the deal here
    -If you are injured in a road accident the TAC will cover all ambulance costs (only if your vehicle is registered!)
    -Private health cover; check the fine print not all ambulance trips are covered, if in doubt call your provider
    -My opinion, get an ambulance subscription, your covered australia wide and your 100% covered, no fine print. Plus the money goes directly to the ambulance service funding equipment, trucks, and me :p
  16. With ambo cover the type of cover may vary according to the health insurance provider. I'm with Latrobe Health, and the top cover gives me membership to RAV (Rural Ambulance Victoria), the non-metro version of the metro ambo mob.

    Used to be that I'd sign up with RAV then present the bill to LHS who'd refund me the membership fee. Now, it's done direct.

    I thought that an ambo trip was an ambo trip, regardless of the cause or the need for the ambos, other than vehicle related reasons where TAC (vic) covers the cost.

    Under what circumstances would you be denied ambo cover, despite having it on your health insurance plan?

    Oh, to non-Victorians reading this, Transport Accident Commission covers you for everything that's related to a vehicle crash. Ambo, hospital cover, income protection, funeral expenses, rehab, etc. whether you're in the right, the wrong, have a single vehicle crash, etc. It's a no fault scheme run by the government, and despite the cover it provides for the relatively low cost compared to what I've seen some NSW people pay, it actually returns a healthy dividend to the state government.
  17. Thanks for the info Will.

    Almost needed your services. Travelling in left lane coming in to Traralgon right on limit. Two cars in right lane. Both cars doing more by about 5 k so passing me slowly. As the second car gets level they both slow down to my speed. I back off slightly just in case. Sure enough driver of second car just moves into my lane.

    Brakes and horn on. Driver does not even look in mirror until he is my lane.

    I pull out and go alongside. Point repeatedly to eyes and then display size of fist and where it might be applied. Driver nods several times.

    Unbelievable the people. Wish Kellogs would go out of businees to stop them getting a license.
  18. The other area where it may be handy to have Ambo cover is if you're partaking in a track day. Race courses such as Phillip Island are on private land. I don't know if TAC covers you there. Does anyone know?
  19. In theory, TAC cover you for riding on Public Property.

    Unless you are that screwed up, most people tend to take their bikes to a set of twisties and lay the bike down there and call an accident in. In no way am I condoning that behaviour, defrauding the TAC should be frowned upon :evil:
  20. Phillip Island track would not be covered as it's not a public road.

    As for the RAV thing, strange as your covered with ambulance service victoria which is the umbrella for metro and rural, and gives state and nation wide coverage.

    There are many circumstances in which private health providers won't cover you, non-emergency ambulance, hospital to hospital transfer, some won't cover over a certain amount of KM's others won't provide air ambulance ($!$!) or coverage if your in another state.