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Ambition outweighs talent once again

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Aug 20, 2013.

  2. Thats a hoon offence, somebody should confiscate and crush that car
  3. I love how the lights go on after he exits, "uhh yeah I was meant to do that, because I'm responding to an emergency"
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  4. maybe hes normally a motocycle cop
  5. Wouldn't have happened if the had front numberplates :happy:
  6. An alternative scenario.....
    Perhaps, just out of shot is a two year old toddler who just rode her trike out into traffic and the police officer performed an amazing piece of driving to miss her.
    Let's get the full story before we start the tar and feathering.
  7. nah fcukit do it anyway
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  8. Bollocks.. :arghh:
  9. wheres youre hospital thread?
  10. Not worthy of a thread bud :D
  11. well i like tales of misery, so spill the beans
  12. Why? It seems like the truckie stops well short of the roundabout probably because he can see an incident happening.
  13. OK just for you UG.
    Long words meaning cut off a bit of vertebrae and a bit of disc and clean uo around the spinal chord. Hopefully to get a few more years out of a broken down old machine. Done last night.
  14. yeah a dickhead in a cop car lol

    sounds painful thanks for sharing
  15. Yeah he could see a ute out of control probably . Who knows you might be right but why stuff up a good story with hypotheticals that cut the cops a break
  16. I trust all goes well. Have a speedy recovery.
  17. The dodgy fisheye lense excuse could be used here, maybe he isn't as far back as he looks.

    But I think he just sees the cop barreling into the round about and enjoys the "advanced driver training" from a safe distance.

    And in reality, it's safer to stop a little short of those round about's and have some speed once you enter for trucks. You can anticipate gaps and slip in easier.
  18. CHEERS.
  19. I have the full uncut video in which the roundabout is later tasered multiple times and charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer.
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  20. Change the quality from 360p to 480p and watch it again.

    JacksonTango711 1 week ago:
    Lights are on through the whole video. They're just difficult to notice until it goes in the shade of the tree on the footpath.

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