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amber visor

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by LCGTR1970, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Hi guys
    I've recently been reading a thread on tinted visors which was fantastic as I have been looking into a tinted visor for a while now.
    But one thing I want to know is has anyone used an amber visor?
    I previously wore amber lenses in my oakleys and they were great. Cut down the glare but when it was a darker day eg rain and cloudy it bought the colours out more so it was still bright enough to see clearly.
    It seems what I've read about tinted visors is that they possibly aren't the best. So has anyone used an amber visor and what's it like?

  2. i have one. a hj-09 visor to fit a HJC is-16 helmet.
    i don't like it and quickly stopped using it.
    it does cut out the glare and afford good definition. it's great for that.
    but i really wanted it for night because people use ****ing lazer beams for headlights these days.
    problem i found with the orange tint was it was'nt giving me a very good distinction with tail lights of cars, whether they were braking or not. and even indicators of cars with my own headlight reflection, veiwing through an orange visor, could be misleading.
    so i stopped using it. and won't use it at dusk or dawn.
    i've found it's good as an alternative to a light tint on really bright days though, full sun. if you're riding in a heavilly treed area and you get that intermittant light/shade effect.
    that's all i think it's good for though.

    that's just been my experience though, through my eyesight.

    if you can get a definate yellow tint, instead of orange. i'd opt for that. i've favoured yellow visors in the past without any misgivings, just can't get them any more for the helmets i currently own.
    but orange, not so great.