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Amazing - Transport solution could be 2 wheels

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by livingstonest, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. but the wheels have to be one in front of the other, not side by side.

    It also has to go faster than 56km/hr for me to be interested :)

  2. I dont like it, it looks and sounds ugly!

  3. I love this

    hey dickheads, it's already been developed, just put an electric motor in there instead of a petrol one :roll:
  4. LOL it can drive itself.............
  5. Might as well tattoo VIRGIN on your forehead if you going to use one
  6. Great, more toys to boost obesity....we're gonna end up looking like the people on Wall-E
  7. how do they plan to make this an alternative to trucks? ive seen some pretty interesting photos of people caryying all sorts of stuff on scooters overseas, but hauling a 30 ton shipping container might be a little out of the question for a over hyped electric wheelchair.
  8. i like the theory behind it as it would be perfect for me to go to and from work, how do you prevent it from being stolen though???
  9. Trust me halifax, noone is going to steal that! :LOL:
  10. does anyone else see that there are 6 wheels on that (the 4 training wheels)
  11. Now you are getting technical.....no need to spoil the fun

  12. and a gyroscope...
  13. We're going to replace the 4-wheel inherantly-statically-and-dynamically-stable, inherantly-safe car...

    And all those dangerous, scary only-dynamically-stable motorcycles and scooters...

    With a tiny two-wheeled "car" that's neither stable statically NOR dynamically, and has no passive safety measures at all because it's protected by rainbow beams collected from unicorns!

  14. This has to be the stupidest thing I have seen in a long while. If I ever even consider getting one of these things I hope someone will shoot me and put me out of my misery.
  15. Nothing wrong with it that the addition of an RZ350 lup couldn't cure.
  16. Im getting sick of these "green cars" its all bullshit, this will probably be like a preus by the time it hits the street does its time and dies it'll be worse than a hummer.
    Peel P-50, its small, practical, any scooter engine works in them and they are so stupidly small, simple cheap. :LOL:
  17. No wonder GM are going under...

    It's the exact same thing as when Homer Simpson's brother gets Homer to design a car. Only difference being there's no licorice dispenser in GM's one.
  18. That is THE most utterly pathetic thing I have ever seen! With that, GM, I welcome your death.

    On an unrealated note, who's looking forwed to the next Transformers movie, wonder what cars they will have this time...
  19. Add a few unecessary items like headlights, tailights, brakelights, turn indicators, ummmm, stereo :grin: , and I wonder what that 56km on a single charge will really be .. maybe it'd go better with a couple of sqm of solar panels on top :LOL: