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Amazing survival story where truck smashed headlong into a bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by smee, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Thats some scary shit right there.

    I would LOVE to go motorcycling there, but away from the roads apparently.....
  2. wow.... 500cc royal enfield...

    that tiny road! absolutely amazing. a few moments i thought he'd fall or the people would lol
  3. That dude got the biggest cojones! Holy MOLY!
  4. Was there last year.
    ROFL remembering the traffic jams on mountain roads.

    not laughing so much watching the truck hit him, the traffic over there is rather foolhardy (?)

    In Delhi, we were thinking of a new olympic sport called 'extreme commuting!'

    If you ever get the chance - do it!
  5. Wow! Lucky guy.
  6. has anyone got a better link. I can't run that video for some reason
  7. Not only the rider has courage but also the people on the edge of the cliff making way for the bike and just hanging there enjoying the scenery.
  8. Lanesplitting as an extreme sport? :D
  9. wow, looks like the guy ahead got away very narrowly too