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Amazing recovery from an almost-crash

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by zenali, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. I just found this today.


    Sorry for the animated gif, but that is how I found it. I'm blown away that the rider managed to get back on the bike.
  2. Repost but always a good watch
  3. What he said. Still pretty impressive though.
  4. he didn't give up, did he.
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  7. Yeah, Randy wasn't letting that one go...

    Isn't it amazing how much the bikes seem to want to stay upright, despite the jockey bouncing around or hanging off one side.
  8. Well, without getting into the physics side of things because I know that offends some people :))), a bike will tend to stand up until its speed drops below a certain point and then it will fall over. (I think)
  9. <cough> PhotoShop :LOL:
  10. Please rc36, let's not go there. :roll: :wink: Was just making an observation that the bikes in both instances seemed to be more than happy continuing on their merry way while the riders seemed to want to go sideways... relative to the bike anyway.
  11. I shoulda put a smilie after it, I was just joking..
  12. I DO remember one day while photographing inside the Esses at Oran Park having a bike crash at the left-hander at the end of the straight (old, short circuit), divest itself of its rider, stand back up again and whistle behind us at reasonable speed, regain the track and almost take out two other innocent competitors, before running out of momentum and lying down quietly on the infield. All this happened in a matter of seconds and was as much a surprise to us as it was to the unsuspecting riders....
  13. ...while the marshalls on the infield were waving and screaming for us to watch out, but we couldn't hear because of the noise of the bikes...

    When I got back to the pits, Warren Weldon said, "So, now are you going to take up a safe sport, like chess?" :)
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    Talking of the bike's inherent stability, check this one out. The rider comes off the bike, and the bike stands itself back up and rides along happily without him.
  15. did you read the comments?
  16. That last one from Zenali has been on here before. It looks fake.
  17. and the comments below it agree :wink:
  18. Didn't read them. Still looks fake
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    The same kind of thing here - rider falls off, bike keeps going.


    And it even happens with pushbikes.

    So I don't agree that the other one is necessarily fake. It might well be, but not simply because that kind of thing doesn't happen - clearly it does.
  20. No-one's saying that a bike won't right itself and keep going; I posted an example from my own (very dangerous) experience. But to suggest that a rider could fall off a high-performance bike, in a corner, and run down the track after it and regain the saddle, as in the YouTube clip, is to stretch credibility way beyond its breaking point.