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Amazing characters in Sydney

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by seanske, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. i was filtering up the middle lane of george street with the lights at a red..

    this guy decides to try and crush me between 2 cars..

    still being stuck i walk the bike up to his window

    and he proceeds to say "you know its dangerous to go between cars"

    ..i was speechless to say the least...i've been trying to tone down my road rage for a while now..

    hes definately one a kind LOL

  2. Should have asked him if he knows Newton's Third Law of Motion. If he didn't you should have demonstrated it on his neck so he remembers it the next time he sees a bike.
  3. :roll: :roll: no he's not :)

    People can be real b@stards when they see a bike taking advantage of there size.

    you'll get beeped at, raged at etc etc.

    just keep it in check and don't let them near you......................either blast away or let them go and just shake ya head and filter past next set :LOL:

  4. +1 to that answer

    dont get many when i ride...maybe im just lucky and they mistake me as a big bad harley rider :p :LOL: :LOL:
  5. People are idiots.

    I was turning right at a set of traffic lights (one without an arrow) on oxford street this morning, light goes green so I move forward and wait for a gap in traffic (I had blinker on even before getting to the light), as I'm sitting there waiting for a gap, I get beeped at by someone going who had to change lanes to get around me.

    What I was doing was legal and NORMAL.

    People are idiots.
  6. The bloke was most probably a cock, but as you don't definitely know he did it on purpose, and you were breaking the law there is probably no reason to get that upset.
  7. I was sitting at a light, indicating to turn left when an idiot on a Harley rode down inside of me so he could turn left first. Stupidity is not confined to four wheels.
  8. yeh i know he did it on purpose coz as i entered the gap he turned his whole car right to block my path ..but really he nearly wedged my bike between his car and the one to the right

    my mirror was touching the mirror of the right car...
  9. We had one on Sunday going down to PI. He'd been tailgating a couple of bikes that were just behind us for a while (in the LH lane). We came up to a slow moving car in the RH lane and started indicating to slip in behind the other two bikes to get around the car.

    So the doof tooted us when we moved over, and then sat on our ass, and continued to be a retard for a while.

    Reached Cranbourne and came up to a set of lights..and he purposefully moved over so we couldn't filter. Problem was, we were already in between him and the other car. So the bike was revved, he of course made no attempt to move away, so we barely got through without hitting either car.

    He of course continued to tailgate both cars and bikes until we lost him at some stage along the way :roll:
  10. OK so we say he saw you and blocked you're path, the mans a cock.

    But if you wasn't in he's lane, by obeying the road rules the situation wouldn't have occurred.

    Like I said the man's a cock, but you have to take some responsibility for your actions.

  11. :arrow: "Only because of fukcing idiots like you."

    That's it. I'm making a holster for my bike, and carrying a tyre lever around.
  12. straight up kill bill styles

    yellow leathers

    samurai sword

    = no mo problems