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amazing beagle escape

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Farab, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. #1 Farab, Sep 25, 2008
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  2. Fark me if that isn't just like my Bella!!!
  3. Yes, I will have to review our perimeter at home for our Bailey!
  4. What a machine.. Awesome dog.
  5. Little Bugger. :eek:

    Don't lock him up in the house. He'll have the bloody roof off. :evil:
  6. :LOL:

    aahaha, that's great.

    I love the other two at the end...'wait...what? what about us!?'

  7. You really should meet Bella. She's one crazy dog, capable of all of that and more! A dog that opens drawers, cupboards, that opens the grill door, uses it to climb on the cooker.....
  8. yeah little fella.. dogs are the best people.
  9. OMG - thats amazing and hilarious. Cheeky little bugger. Beagles are just too smart for their own good sometime.
  10. Any pics?
  11. Not of her being naughty, she's too smart most of the time. But even when she's been a bad bad girl, she's got a certain look that means you can't get (too) cross!


  12. What tha? Haha, when did dogs grow on trees lol. Whats it doing btw? Doesn't the little girl like trees or chasing something.
  13. Cejay, heres Bailey:

  14. What a cute Beagle Bailey is! They really are the best dogs!


    She opens the cupboards herself.
  15. Anyone else add the "great escape" theme music while watching that vid?? What a frickin smart dog!

    LOL @ cheeky beagle pics! :grin:
  16. :LOL: Yep, they keep you on your toes, all fun and games!


  17. I've never met a creature that is as stubborn as my beagle. I can see exactly how that first beagle did what it did. It probably fell 1000 times but just kept going back until it got it right.
  18. I've told you this myself..many a time :p
  19. LOL @ the fridge pic.

    When Bella came to live with me, the previous owner told me how clever she was. The very first thing she did was open the fridge and help herself to its contents.
  20. We had a gorgeous lil beagle who often used to escape to go hang out at the local primary school with the kids... including digging under a foot of concrete under our fence heheheh

    She wasn't very popular the day my dad had bought brand new Sheridan sheets and washed them and put then on the line and dad came out and there was a perfect bite mark out of the middle of the sheet hehehe

    She also used to thing that stealing the washing off the clothes line was a fun game and having 5 of us chase her round the backyard was fun heheeh

    She ended up in the beagle brigade.