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Amateur Motovlogger

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by DumplingCantCorner, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Sup guys,

    I'm a Learner motorcycle rider in Sydney Australia.

    I ride a 2013 Honda CBR250R Repsol ABS edition.

    I use Drift Ghost S as my recording device.

    I've just started doing moto vlogging, hope you will like them.

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  2. #2 Incontinentia, Dec 10, 2013
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    Just what we need. Another fresh out of the vagina rider telling people their opinions.

    And learn how to split. Two months of riding and you can't split?
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  3. yarp - practice your riding not your shit talking skills for youtube- luckily your only on a new cbr250 and nothing powerful.

    the video made me cringe at how much attention you'd be paying to trying to think of shit to say ...instead of concentrating on riding n splitting traffic
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  4. And you put your right glove on first - Fucken'
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  5. Hehe oh dear, tell us how we can help you son.
  6. Mate, this isn't the friendliest place for a motovlogger.

    I thought hot chicks would be a big enough distraction. Maybe hold off until you have more riding time under your belt, or at least plan what the vlog is about so you are thinking more about the ride and not the vlog.
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  7. hot chicks.

    Yesterday I saw a noob with a go-pro do a double take at a jogger so badly that I thought he was going to crash. Funny thing was, I approached the jogger from the front, and I'm pretty sure it was a bloke :)
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  8. "Amateur Motovlogger"

    You mean there are professionals out there? God help us.
    Disclaimer: I f#*king hate vloggers. And anyway, there should be a law against making up words for doing dumb shit.
    Plenty of other words in the dictionary - use some of them. Rant over.
  9. Vlogs are for wronguns.
  10. Oh god.... Another one, just what we don't need.
  11. tough crowd tonight, but I guess they weren't expecting amateur night.
  12. Tough crowd is right, but I'm not a tough crowd, I watch some complete and utter dribble.

    It just seems to me like everyone is doing them these days and very, very few people actually provide any kind of value be it educational or entertainment, though their vlogs.
  13. Sweet Jesus, why..
  14. Masochistic tendencies huh ?
  15. Another worry in my neighbourhood. Oh dear
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  16. Sorry to add to the flame wagon dude.... but there's only one v-logger who I occasionally watch, and he can do a burnout while having an entertaining chat.
  17. Link?
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  18. Whilst I'm not hugely experienced or one to talk of value but dude, leave the mic at home, keep the cam rolling for your own reference but forget Vlogging for now.
    You speak of friends with bikes so what I say is just get out there as much as possible. Pick a spot on the map, grap a small magnetic tankbag ( for drink & applesss) & head for an adventure especially out of the city, don't worry about others watching you for now. Once you're over the awkward "how the fk do i get my gloves off' stage then think of more progress.
    The more you go to odd spots where u have to park on footpaths etc you will slowly get more confident in the small annoying things then not be a danger to yourself or others or look like a prat.
    If you have a Sat practice (think there is one in Syd) get there & learn. I have had some AWESOME mentoring that has progressed me faster & safer than I had hoped.
    As for the hammering you got here don't worry it happens, I have 2 vlogs up & some h8 some love but in the mean time just get riding, be safe & forget the mic!

  19. From my phone so not sure if the link will work. If not just search for old man triple in YouTube. I find his vids ok and a bit different from your typical v-log.
  20. I decided to attempt to endure the whole video at work in the background, I got through most of it.

    On a serious note, here's all the things you did wrong (nothing to do with riding, I didn't really watch the video closely).

    - you showed the whole world where you keep your bike, massive fail. I know you chopped the video but I work in the city, if I showed that clip to my office mates I guarantee someone could tell me exactly where it is.

    - you filled up sitting on the bike

    - you put your right glove on first

    - you wore your helmet in the shop and you didn't blur out the face of the poor bastard working in the servo.

    I noticed you were careful to hide your numberplate that's good. Regardless of how your riding and what your rambling on about you don't want everyone being able to track you down with 5 mins of investigation. There's some psychos on the net, you get in a heated argument with someone in the comments then next thing the ****'ll be like "your name is xxxx, you live at xxx and I'm coming to sort u out". Be careful with what you give out.
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