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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nodz, May 18, 2005.

  1. Was watching the AMA Superbikes on Foxtel last night. Mat Mladin wins again by pretty large distances. The man and the bike (K5 GSXR) are on fire. It appears that perhaps Neil Hodgson is the only one that is close to give Mat a run for his money, although unlikely.
    I think Mat is inline to win his sixth championship.
    The course where the race was coming from (can't remember the name) was very much like Bathhurst, lots of hills, dips and twists. Even a kink like Bathurst as you come over the top of the mountain and down the other side.
    First race was red flagged due to a Canadian Kwacka rider falling on the third or fourth corner.
    It's a shame the coverage only goes for an hour, because it does lead to some exciting racing with 35+ riders in the field. Mladin was so far ahead that he lapped the person that was in 18th position.

  2. One of the reasons he destroys his rear tyre on certain race tracks is that he's going so much faster and leaning the bike over so much further than any other of the riders...:LOL:...Lapping the bloke in 18th posi, that's a huge winning margin.

    Not taking anything away from Mladin but him and Hodgson appear to outclass alot of the AMA SBK riders by a long shot. I studied the riding styles of some of the riders that lined up on the grid and I reckon they were ordinary, very ragged, unable to pick the best racing line for each corner, almost like a learner, like me in fact if I'd been put on a litre bike...:LOL:...
  3. What do you reckon?
    Hodgson back to WSB next year?
  4. Traction Control has been tested in motoGP for some time.

    I am off the belief that TRC is prohibited in the AMA series. The reason he is winning is the same reason the Suzuki's are dominating in the WSBK. Better power delivery with better riders.

    What people dont realise is that the new litre bikes are so powerful that you need a very experienced and SMOOTH rider to win with them. The AMA series has traditionally been a VERY agressive series with sliding and bumping part of evey race. The likes of Corser and Mladin are both very smooth riders and as such spend more time using traction rather than sliding.

    Look at SuperMotard. When it became popular, all the kids were sliding the bike thinking it was quicker. I would be smooth and duck underneath them. The world champs will only slide occassionally with preference to smooth riding.
  5. I would think that he will but it mioht be a question of whether he can get a ride with Ducati, in the fact that Capirossi was given preference over Bayliss etc. However, both Capirossi and Bayliss aren't really performing to expectations of their respective teams either, so who knows.
  6. WSBK to AMA is a back step

    Hodgson wont be back with Ducati and WSBK unless he wins at AMA.
  7. You reckon he'll be back in MotoGP?

    Can't see that happening, but I can see him moving back to the world stage in the supers. It might depend on where the money is, though.
  8. Interviewed on the starting grid just before race 2, Neil Hodgson was asked if they did anything different to the bike's setup for Sunday's race. He replied, "Yeah, we bored it out to 1200cc." :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. YOu are only as good as your last season.

    Hodgson - 2 years out of WSBK with nothing but failures

    Bayliss - 2001 champ, ass kicked in 2002, poor performance at motoGP

    Neither will get back to WSBK on factory teams. BOth will be with satellite teams if anything. James Toesland won last year and is way out of his league this year
  10. Sorry stuffed up - almost coffee time. No he won't go back to MotoGP. Was thinking about him replacing Laconi - although they seem to be happy with his performance at the moment so I don't think he'll ride with Ducati even though he's on one in the AMA SBK.
    Yeah agree with this that's why Bayliss is at the Camel Honda satellite team, although I've heard that there not too happy with his performance at the moment as he's not come to grips with the RC211V(?) as fast as they hoped for.

    However, having said that there are still perhaps plenty of places to go as some people are not living up to expectations both in WSBK and MotoGP - Toseland, Biaggi, Edwards, Hayden, Hopkins