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AM Radios

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by DisgruntledDog, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Anyone have any opinions on listening to AM radio on the bike?

    I listen to music on my phone but since I'm old I really want to listen to the ABC on my way to and from work.

    Phones do FM but not AM.

    There are Jensen Motorcycle Radios which would work.

    Any other ideas?
  2. I was looking for a bluetooth AM radio a while ago, since I too only ever listen to the ABC now that I have reached the ripe old age of 28... Bluetooth would let me hook it up to my Scala Rider on the bike. Couldn't find any though - so now looking for a pocket sized bluetooth digital radio instead, since I'll be able to get the ABC stations I like with that...
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  4. If you get the TuneIn app it will stream all stations if you are in mobile reception. Wouldn't be that good leaving the city though.
  5. Don't know about AM,I use a Digital and FM radio a lot.The Digital is fantastic,for 15 or 20 ks around the CBD.Any further and it cuts out and comes back at random.The FM is quite a bit better but go behind a hill and its toast.Being nuts a bought a small marine radio I mounted in tankbag and connected a 300mm whip aerial to the bike.It was bearly better that the small radio that used the headphones as an aerial.You need a full size 1000mm aerial to be as good as the radio in a car.I went back to the pocket Sony and used rechargeable battery's.Its kinda OK.
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    go digital, on AM you have the problem of interference from the bikes electricals.

    I ride in using a pure DAB+ Portable from the macedon ranges, I have 1 drop out on the way in. The bottom of bulla dip. so thats about 80kms out. Plus on abc via digital, you got options of sport or not.
  7. Why would you want better quality AUDIO to listen to the low-grade CONTENT of the ABC?????
  8. ABC is one of the best news sources around.
  9. ABC has it's own free app that you can install on many phones. Will stream the ABC radio station of your choice. Doesn't seem to use too much data (but check that for yourself).
  10. Shorely your a devoted JJJ listner arnt you.DAB works for me till I hit about Kellyville heading west out of Sydney,north and its about 10ks short of Horsby,zero in tunnels as well.Other than the drop ins and outs its biggest advantage is just that.DAB and no reception = zero static and buzz.Zero reception on FM= quite a bit of static.Maybe the towers are higher in SE Queensland= more range.
  11. Also...
    - No ads
    - No Lady Gaga
    - No Kyle & Jackie O
    - No cash for comment
    - No crude, nasty, unnecessarily aggressive or extreme right-(or for that matter extreme left-)wing talkback segments
    - Closest thing you'll ever get to impartial news coverage, which isn't dictated or "fine tuned" by resource companies, banks and other interests...
  12. Thanks for the responses.

    DAT is a bit of a problem for some of the ride at least. Just on the edge of outdoor reception. Might try a portable radio and see how that goes.

    I've got a 1 hour commute each way so streaming will blow my download limit.

    I love my ABC.