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Am I wrong or should lane splitters move over?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr_Ignorant, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Sydney people will know the intersection of Epping Rd and Delhi Rd. As per usual I zip onto the bus lane to get to the front however a learner bike, who was about 50m in front of me, did the same thing but didn’t move over into the car lane when he got to the front. I was already in the bus lane just as he stopped, I’m thinking sh%t what do I do? I decide to pull up next to him as there isn’t a bus coming, 5 seconds later there is. My only option is to go out into the intersection (which I didn’t want to do) or cut the other bike off. So I proceed to cut in front.

    I felt a bit bad having to cut this guy off even though he was there first but it’s not like I had an option. Had I not already been committed to going to the front I would have split on the other side or just sat back in traffic and waited. What is the correct thing to do here? Was I in the wrong? After I split I move over to the side to give other bikes a clear way.

  2. Well if I were the other bike I would have been checking my mirrors for any other bikes coming up and having some consideration for others. was this a P plater or L plater?
    Easy to get yourself in a sticky situation.

  3. Where i ride i'm usually the only bike on the road, but if i KNOW there is a bike in my mirror, i ALWAYS move to one side so they feel welcome to come up front with me :)

    It's just common courtesy!
  4. L plater.

    If i had time i would have told him that when splitting he should move over, not just for the sake of other bikes coming through but also to commit to a lane. If you split and sit in the middle of 2 lanes, how do the cars behind you know which lane you are in?
  5. +1
  6. Unless it says "bus lane only" can't you legally just sit in the bus lane?
  7. +1
  8. on Epping Road coming up to Lane Cove Road each morning, there's a million cars sitting in the right hand lanes and nothing in the bus lane. I usually give it a quick squirt and shoot up the side then move to the front. It's "Bus ONLY" though for about 5 meters. So illegal, but it sure as hell beats sitting amongst so many trucks, cars, etc all piled up and being unsafe on the side of the hill.
  9. Coming at this as an L plater...so if you split you should commit to a lane. If there is little room at the top of the line of traffic is it enough to nose slightly in front of the first car? wont this piss people off? should i care?
  10. Always move over and commit to a lane if you can. At the very least try to position yourself ahead of the car drivers so they can see you're there in case they try to move across on top of you.

    If there's a bike or scooter behind you, try to give them enough room. If you're filtering and see that the space ahead is blocked then usually you can find a space that will enable you to get back into a lane well before that.
  11. If you're going to filter through traffic, it's generally good practice to pick a lane, yes.

    (1) Frees up the path for other motorcyclists who may follow you through the gap - otherwise they end up stuck between cars when everyone starts moving, and that's Not Fun(tm).

    (2) If you nose in front of one of the cars at the front, it sends a clear message to the drivers which lane you intend to use. That way there's "no surprises" when it's time for everyone to start moving again.
  12. Okay, here's a question for you:

    If we 'Learners' move over for you to filter faster - do you mind that we tag along behind you?
  13. Not at all.
  14. i always move to one side after filtering to the front to allow other bikes to come through unobstructed.

    however I notice here in Adelaide, scooter riders don't show the same courtesy.
  15. Also by commiting to a lane you don't get these dickheads who try and race you off from the lights as you are infront blocking them from doing something dangerous.
  16. Also by commiting to a lane you don't get these dickheads who try and race you off from the lights as you are infront blocking them from doing something dangerous.
  17. yeah i put it down to inexperience on his part. shame you didn't get a chance to explain this to him
  18. So long as you're riding "offset" ie. NOT nose to tail. Don't really matter tho, if a bike was directly behind me, I'd just move L/R slightly, gives me greater comfort.
  19. Even worse than that (and I am a scooter rider) I have had two occasions in the past few weeks where a 50cc has decided to join me in my space (not split, but towards the front of traffic waiting at lights) and then nose ahead of me and try to challenge me to a drag race.

    This would be fine (but also slightly sad) if the intersection this seems to keep occurring at didn't merge into one lane straight after the lights (The Parade at Portrush Rd, heading east).

    It's kill or be killed, kids. You are riding a scooter that can barely keep up with legal speed limit.

    Suffice to say, I made my feelings clear and the same spectacular behaviour was not attempted at the next intersection.

    The sooner they change the licensing laws for 50ccs the better. All riders benefit from proper training.
  20. +1

    not just aderlaid, get it a bit in melbourne CBD.