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Am I worrying over nothing?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jamyca54, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. So yesterday was my first time riding on an actual highway or freeway whatever you like to call it. Ive been riding bikes for years as i grew up on a farm in Bathurst so i can handle a bike but just have never been on the highway before. Im on my red P's which is P1 license which is annoying as i can only go 90 km/h but i do go 100km/h sometimes, but it wasnt to bad as i road down to Robertson which is in the southern highlands of NSW.

    so this is what im worrying about
    I ride a BMW G650Gs 2013 model with only 1600kms on it and it is a great bike to ride love it so comfortable and nible to maneuver around. But when i was on the highway for 2hrs, when im doing 100km/h the bike is at 4000 rpm when it max's out at like 8000 rpm.
    I was wondering is this bad for the bike since it is only a 1 cylinder engine? am i stressing the engine?

    i was maybe looking at swapping my bike for maybe like the new suzuki 650 v-strom which is LAMS approved now or something else? or is there no need to and im worrying over nothing?

    i really want to do highway riding and go somewhere so thats why i'am worried
  2. There's no need to worry about those engine revs. It's absolutely fine.

    For reference, with stock gearing, the 650 Strom does 100Kph indicated at approx 4500rpm (100Kph gps verified is at 5000rpm, the speedo reads about 8-9% higher than your actual speed)
  3. It will be fine. Any less is probably in danger of lugging.
  4. Hello welcome to netrider.
    What they said and maybe rethink the online confessions :)
  5. I think it will be fine mate. Just ride and enjoy
  6. Thanks for putting my mind to rest. Was just a bit worried because it was vibrating a bit as well I guess which made me think
  7. Singles tend to vibrate more so provided all else is OK being in the middle of the rev range is fine.

    But real BMWs all start with an R Prefix :p
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  8. R for ratshit maybe.
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  9. As in R for Rod ;)
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  10. Dunno about the "R" thing, I think "K" is where it is at.

  11. Smashed Canberra for 4 hours from Sydney via backroads with WombleWomble in a bit of warmth last year.

    Ninja sat at about 9000rpm most of the way. Bike was fine. Prostate, back and ears were not.

    This revs are fine :)
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