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Am I too old to start riding?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Never2Old, May 21, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Just bought my first motorbike! Got a ttr250 to ride on the family farm and the occasional commute .... when i get my license! Haven't ridden a two wheeler since teenage days.
    I am hoping to spend some time riding the bike with my teenage son.
    Have already learnt so much from the forum.

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  2. How old ARE you?? :)
  3. Welcome to NR ...

    No, you're never too old to learn anything! :)
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  4. At last calculation .... 52! My wife seems to think my mid-life crisis will never end.
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  5. #5 Lazy Libran, May 21, 2015
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    Wot is zis meed-life crisis you speek of? No such thing...

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  6. Thanks for the welcome!
  7. 52! Pharke!

    You've just learned to live, and now will learn to put a value on it.

    Go for it.
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  8. 52 !@ That;'s only half way, get stuck into it.
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  9. as long as you can keep it up.........right your're never to old :wacky::wacky:
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  10. Mate that's really old, you'll need to look straight into getting a turbo 'busa to try and catch up on missed thrills!

    Lol no such thing as too old, enjoy!
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  11. 52 ain't old! Welcome to Netrider, and to the joys of motorcycling!
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  12. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  13. I'm sorry. 52 is too old for riding a motorcycle. You're the weakest link.
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  14. Have you seen the movie 'worlds fastest indian'? Burt Munro was way older than that.

  15. G'day Never2Old, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first bike!

    I went out for a three hundred-kilometre day ride last weekend with two riders in their mid-seventies. They rode harder than I could (albeit as a newer rider myself). You've got decades of riding ahead, and hopefully a great way to share some time with your son too.
  16. Thanks everyone for the comments and encouragement. I am looking forward to learning much from these pages and more from getting out on the bike.
  17. Pretty sure your username answers your question :p good luck with the riding and have fun!
  18. 52 years old.

    So you were born, like, in the last century...;)
  19. Correction ... mid-life CELEBRATION. Woo hoo ... welcome to the ride of your life.
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