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Am I too kind???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by resonator, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. I was riding along the Eastern Freeway tonight and as I approached the Doncaster Road onramp there were heaps of cars merging into the freeway. I was comfortably riding on the very right of 4 lanes when I spotted one of the cars that had merged acting a little impatient in trying to get around the cars in front, so I kept a close eye on it.

    She merged into the second lane, then the third, and it looked like she was going to merge into my lane in one go but for some reason she stopped but was still tailgating the car in front. I guessed she might have seen me so I continued to overtake going about 15km/h faster than she was going. Then just as I was about 5 meters behind her she put on her indicator and started to pull out in front of me. I slammed on my breaks so that I wouldn't crash up the back of her, then just as suddenly as she pulled out, she violently pulled back into her original lane.

    I had a bit of a chuckle to myself thinking "that could have been nasty" then tried to overtake again. As I past her window, she looked at me with a face that was between apologetic and scared that she could have easily killed me and she looked like she was a little shaken. I couldn't help but laugh to myself and gave her a big thumbs up for seeing me eventually and getting out of the way.

    I figure that I occasionally have done similar things and I feel pretty bad about after, and have a tendancy to dwell on what I've done making me prone to doing more dumb things.

    Now going by other posts I've read here, it seems that most people would get angry about that. Would you get angry, and am I too kind?
  2. She should get a thumbs up for stopping I think. She'd know she made a mistake.
  3. I never get angry but no way would I have given a thumbs up. I would have shaken my head at her disapprovingly .
  4. Yah, she realised she made a mistake, but I still tend to get pissed off, because if they hadda bothered to check properly the first time that mistake wouldn't have happened. Maybe i'm just not nice enough :LOL:
  5. Cant trust any of them. Should never have given them the vote
  6. +1
  7. i only got upset when drivers couldnt give a rats ar$e.

    not so much angry, but upset.

    your not too kind. i would have done the same.

    but you gotta be mean when the moment calls for it :evil:

    i once took a mobile phone off a blond who was driving all over the place. i said 'my life is not worth your phone call' and hung up.

    if it happens again i would rather say 'would you drive better with that phone up your .........'

    its not worth getting angry over. just get your point across :grin:

    i use to have printed cards to hand to drivers to politely give driving hints and tips.

  8. I don't think that I would be mean at any time. When I'm riding in traffic, I probably shouldn't but I kind of look at it like a game... Not a racing game, or a shooter but something like Super Mario Brothers.

    The skies are blue, the sun is shining and there are a bunch of friendly little critters out there who are on the most part are just going about their business, but if they touch you, you die. Then there are the occasional guys that just wants to make things difficult for you. Like the dude in the cloud or the piranhas. When you see one of those just run as fast as you can to get out of their way cause they won't be able to keep up.

    Those are who makes the game challenging. I don't blame them for it, I accept that, that is what happens because it always happens. I just have to make sure that I see them coming before I get hit by one of those hammers that the turtle just through. :)

    Anything more than that and I'm stoked.
  9. I think if she looked genuinely mortified/apologetic, then I'd also want to tell her 'no worries, but keep an eye out next time' - but of course this is somewhat hard to convey while going 70+ down the road. So yeah, thumbs up it'd be from me.

    Sometimes its easy to forget how menacing/aggro someone on a bike can look to those not familiar with bikes - what with the 'tough' image and the fact that only your eyes are visible, I find it very hard to convey anything resembling friendliness. I used to gesticulate wildly when people cut me off (holding arm up to ask "wtf was that", pointing at my eyes, staring at them at the lights etc). Nowadays I don't really do that, because I'm afraid it's coming across more aggressive than it looks, and I'm not really sure how wise it is to antagonize someone in a 500+kg metal cage, no matter how right I think I am :)

    eeenteresting.. can you elaborate on this?

    ahaha - let's see you say that in public!
  10. I would have just given a wave as acknowledgment of her acknowledging her mistake. By the sounds of her reaction, she's been given a hard time by biker(s) in the past.

    I don't get angry with people if they apologise (except if they've done something *really* dangerous or that's given me a really bad fright). Not all of us are perfect :wink:
  11. Hard to be angry with someone who's genuinely apologetic. At worse its a shake of the head,
    or pointing to your own eyes. At best, you indicate to let em know you accept apology.
  12. shucks MG - that is an intelligent answer!.
  13. I would have giver her the vote. She did manage to scare herself, hopefully she'll take better care next time. Carrying on like a twit gets her scared and pissed off at "those bloody riders" no point carrying on.

    Quite often when a car is about to pull out of a side street into the lane in front of me and they don't because they have spotted me and have waited, they too get the thumbs up for not taking a gap that is barely existent.

    We need to share the road so we can at least try and get along.

    Pitty the sucker that cuts me off and doesn't acknowledge their mistake!! :evil:
  14. we have to realise, sooner or later, that we are invisible. it is up to us, not drivers, to be seen. 95% of the time, we just dont get noticed. the way i look at it is, is that if i was in a car, would they have done the same thing? if a driver is genuinely scared/apologetic, i give em the OK or thumbs, or a little wave saying im OK. if they dont even realise what they did, i let them know about it with a knock on the window or a srug asnd shake with a "WTF are you doing" look. if they get agro, or blame me for their mistake, they obviously dont need a side mirror if theyre not using it, KATCHOONK!
  15. i think a wave would suit better than a thumbsup.

    its more of a "don't worry i'm ok, no hard feelings" than a thumbsup which to me says "good work", etc.
  16. I don't think he was off the mark - a thumbs up to her would have been interpreted as a "that was idiotic" thumbs up. Not a friendly one.

    Personally I judge it by how close to getting whacked I come.
  17. it depends on the drivers reaction.
    i almost got taken out by a car the other day in watsi, pulled out in front of me.
    i was gonna pursue and let them know that its not on, but it was a terrified looking old lady and i almost felt guilty.

    on the other hand some young bloke in a brand new HSV did a similar thing a few weeks ago and i let him know its not on.
  18. A great methophor for life!

    I know where your comming from, I try not to get to worked up about idiots, the only ones that get to me are the ones that it's clear that they knew they were doing something stupid and still contiuned what they were doing.
  19. I think that you reacted well to the situation. I think it is always a good idea to try and remove as much emotion from riding as you can. If someone cuts you off, it's more than likely that they just haven't seen you. As both a car driver and someone who rides, I know it is hard to see bikes sometimes and I am probably a lot more aware of them than someone who doesn't ride. If you can keep calm and try not to get angry, your judgment will be a lot better which only helps you to make smarter decisions.
  20. I also agree and think a wave is better than a thumbs up which could be misinterpreted as flipping her the bird especially if she's an old lady with poor eyesight and you're wearing gloves. But well done on giving her a positive response instead of an angry one and getting another cager offside with riders. She'll look more closely for any bikes when she does that again in the future... i hope!

    I have a theory that when a cager is given a fright by a rider and their adrenaline level increases as a result (even just a slightly elevated pulse), this memory will stay in their brain and they will look extra closely for riders in the future in similar circumstances. Or maybe not so much look extra closely for riders, but be more vigilant of bikes and riders.