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Am i to big for a cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by CruiseOrLoose, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. am i to big for a cbr250rr

    i weight around 85k and im 5'10

    will it make any problems
  2. No. You'll be fine. I'm the same height as you and found it to be very comfortable.
  3. That question is like how long is a piece of string ?

    The best bet is for you to go and sit on one, and if you are serious about it then try and get a test ride.

    Weight wise reckon if you are a new rider you may get bored with the 250rr and find that screaming the bejesus out of the engine is not your thing...it does spin upto 18,000rpm, however going slow maybe more your thing...(not taking the piss, just each to their own).

    I'm 65kg and 5'7" and find that off the mark waiting for those revs to build is abit tedious as you only seem to get the power coming in somewhere between 7-8000rpm.

    Once you are going though, its fine and nimble...just off the mark is the issue for me.

    Good luck and hope my little snippet helped.
  4. Wow really? 85kg too?

    When I tried a cbr250 I would have been about 87 or so, 5'11 and it was just ridiculously small.
  5. I had the same worries before I bought mine.

    I'm 6' and 85kg and I have no problems riding it.

    Get one you wont regret it!!!
  6. At 6’ I found one to small. It was not the seating or bar position, it was the fact that my head was far enough forward that I couldn’t see the dash.
    At 5’10 I reckon you should be just working on one, but as has already been said, get on one (It’s the only way to be sure)
    It also depends on your riding style. Some people like a big bike, some like to domi9nate the bike (so to speak) that will have a impact on how you feel on the bike
  7. I'm the same as you - 5'10" and 85kg - and found the CBR250RR very rideable and comfortable. It is a sportsbike, so you're in a more racy position than a naked.

    I ended up buying a Hornet 250 though - same motor, but naked, slightly detuned and a fat-ass 180/55 rear tyre :)
  8. I'm 6'4" and yes its a little cramped, but I didn't have any problem with it. I only owned one for 6 months though. I don't think anyone less than 6' should really be complaining about bikes being cramped or to heavy on your wrists.
  9. yeah I'm 6'2'' and its not cramped IMO. Just that my nuts get raped by the tank on longer rides.
  10. Get one!!!

    And don't "wait for the revs to rise" Launch the thing at 7-8000!!! They love it!!!
  11. If you like them enough, anyone will fit ;) I'm 6'1 and never thought about the height issue when getting a zzr250 (although they do have a slightly taller seight height). Was only when I rode a friends VTR250 that I realised that the vtr fit me much better. But you wont really care about fitting on it when you start riding it :)
  12. My mate is 180 something and he's about to buy one, he's really happy with the fit. My bro-in-law who owns one is about 180 too, and he commuted on one for years.

    I'm 174ish and I fit on one fine, though my ZXR250 feels more at home.

    So have a sit on it and find out.
  13. Hi,

    Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but im 6'2, 98kg. Would one of these as a learner bike, require too many revs to move around comfortably?

  14. From what's posted about you should be pretty good. But I'd be going with the ER-5 Kawasaki or the Suzuki GS500
  15. At that height and weight skip the CBR250RR.
  16. I too would also skip the CBR - great bikes but you'll feel like a big kid on a bmx. Maybe go for something with a bigger seat height/length etc. Can't really help you on what other bikes to get but I'm sure someone will chime in and give you some advice.
  17. Hey mate, go and test ride them, see if you can get decent bum in the saddle test ride time (no less than an hour) and see how you feel?

    I'm 5'10" and was 80kg when I had the CBR250 and had no problems riding it at all, but I did feel if I was any taller or heavier I'd seriously reconsider another bike!

    Don't worry about the revs, the CBR250 is made to rev and I barely had it under 8k rpm unless I was at complete stop! Obviously there are better bikes out there, but at the end of the day it will be your bum on the seat so you have to be happy with your purchase!

    Happy bike hunting!
  18. I'm 6' 2 71kg's and my friends CBR250 feels ok to me. Depends how you 90kilos is distributed mate. I'm not sure if your built like a tank or carrying it around your stomache or maybe yove got legs like tree trunks.

    Go have a sit and a ride and then you'll know.
  19. another 5'10" 85kg here, no problems at all
  20. Wow, cool forum, so many replies :)

    Longer torso (my legs are the length of a 6" person) and wider shoulders.
    Yah, i think i better get on one

    Thanks for the reply's!!