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Am I the only one with a Honda CB1300?

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Latestarter, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Maybe my poor search skills but I could not find any discussion on a CB1300??
    I'm still have 2 months to go on my P plates but on impulse recently bought an immaculate 2004 model with 11700 kms. Just love the retro muscle style bike...all black and chrome. Cant wait to try out the change from 54nm torque [ Versys 650L] to 117nm.
    I had already built a bike trailer so off to Melbourne to buy...2000kms in 2 days and could not even take it for a test ride...crazy but it sounds good.
    Now an expert at polishing stainless exhaust pipes, changed oil & filter and fitted a small windscreen.
    Mods planned include modified seat, tank pad, lower foot pegs, LED lights,chain oiler, stainless hoses. IMG_1423.JPG
    So does anyone on Netrider own or have owned this model?
    With a bike this age what do you recomend I replace to ensure 'like new'?

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  2. Looks great. I never had one but did have a CB900 for a number of years and it was great, albeit heavy as buggery and not the most nimble. But comfy as....
  3. Nice bike. Big, big brother to mine. Would love to ride one of these one day. You don't see many of em, as they are only grey imports as far as I know. (y)
  4. Maybe the lower seat height by 50mm from my Versys 650 but it does not feel heavy at 224kgs dry weight. I believe Honda knocked 20 kgs out with new model in 2003.
  5. Looks like a beauty.
  6. That's a cracking looking bike LatestarterLatestarter. Great low mileage example. Looks super.

    My business partner bought a new CB1100 2 years ago because he loved the retro look of it. Mind you, he's an old b*stard too ;)

    It gets heaps of looks and positive comments................. as will yours.
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  7. that does look nice :) congrats, mate, just ride it, enjoy it, fill her up again and off you go again. dont over think it just love it. it costs less, doesnt wag its tongue, wont get jealous if you look at newer models, seems like it wont sag or lose its firmness ;)
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  8. Great looking bike :]:]
  9. I see a fair few out, but most people seem to get the Yammy XJR or the Suzuki GSX, I love these muscle bikes, they're great value, I picked myself up a ZRX1200S(the one with the ugly fairing, but the fairing and headlight were missing so I've converted it to the R model front) for a thousand bucks not long ago, can't ride it yet, but my dad will get plenty of use out of it in the meantime.
  10. The CB1300 and CB1300S were sold in Australia for a while but eventually low sales and emissions laws killed them just as the GSX1400 was killed. I think the last were 2008 though they are still made in and sold in Japan.

    I like them as well, I was looking at it as an upgrade from the CB400 but I couldn't find any good examples of it or the GSX1400. They are relatively heavy and soft but comfortable for all that. Sort of a japanese harley except they have power and can stop. So much torgue you never have to work hard.

    The 1250 Bandit is a newer alternative of course Bandit 1250S - Features | Suzuki Motorcycles
  11. That's an awesome looking bike.

    Post some more pics please
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  12. Quite happy with the Versys 650L but saw a XJR1300 in a showroom and planned to buy new then found out they changed style in 2015 to grey with a number 1 on fuel tank. So started searching for a 2nd hand retro with low kms either Yamaha, Suzuki or Honda... the rest is history. Will post some more suitable pics, the only one I have has a lot of sun reflection... too much chrome ha ha IMG_1464.JPG
  13. Here are a few more pics. 2 frustrating months until off my Ps DSCN1074.JPG DSCN1072.JPG
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  14. That is an immaculate looking bike.

    Hope the 2 months go quick....

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  15. Lovely bike. I always had a soft spot for the S but the naked has a charm all its own, the way the engine just dominates the visuals is reminiscent of the CBX.
  16. you have an amazing bike there, and great willpower to avoid riding it. Wish they still made these - I'd buy one tomorrow !
  17. What a beauty, I think in 2 months you're going to have a lot of fun!
  18. Ah yes I saw this one sitting on Gumtree for quite a while. The add was written in rather poor english if I remember correctly. The asking price was quite cheap i thought too. Great looking bike you've got yourself
  19. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    Goes in tomorrow for a thorough inspection, new tyre, new front fork seals. Hope no surprises.
    Then plan to fit engine protectors and maybe replace all water hoses. any suggestions?
    Also fit LED lights front and back, assume legal to do so?
    Reshape seat and increase peg length...similar to Versys 650.
  20. Willpower??? This is a public forum...at least 1st and 2nd gear work ok ha ha
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