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Featured Am I missing anything?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Jayce87, May 19, 2015.

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    Hi Everyone I am probably in the wrong place or going over something which has been gone over before (If I am please point me in the right direction)

    So I have been looking into What I would need and what gear would be enough to get me started as well as hidden expenses to run past the minister of finance before I get a bike. So as far as I can figure out I can expect the following gear at a minimum.

    Shark S600 Matte Black Helmet
    Dririder Air-Ride 3 Black/Grey Jacket
    Dririder Classic 2.0 Kevlar Teramid Jean
    Dririder Air Ride 2 Pants
    $179.95 $179.95
    Dririder Hotham Gloves
    Dririder Street 1.0 Waterproof Touring Boots
    Dririder Thunderwear 2 Fluro Rain Jacket
    Dririder Thunderwear 2 Fluro Rain Pants
    Dririder keep warm Pack

    Including 15% off online this comes to $1118.87

    I have added up bike associated costs separately

    Motorcycle $5000 (target price)

    Transfer fee $216

    Insurance $370 with $400 excess Swann insurance Decreases once probation licence etc Based on Honda cb400

    Gear- $1,118.87

    Grand Total- $6734.87

    +Rego $280 annual (can any non metro folks tell me if this is correct?) I have added TAC charge and non metro Low risk postcodes.

    +Insurance $370 annual
    I have not included servicing as this will be very much dependent on what bike and age etc as well as how much I ride.

    Any tips or advice please guys and gals?
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  2. Hi Jayce,
    Are you going for it all in one hit, or can you separate some of the summer / winter gear ?
    IE AirRide pants and Kevlar Jeans ?

    Maybe just sort one set of clothing for now, and then add another set when it actually warms up again. Maybe November.
    You'll need some cooler (summer) gloves by then too.
  3. Also, hearing protection. A good pair of earmolds or similar. $80
  4. Thanks That would probably only take the kevlar Jeans off which is a few hundred but if I did that I could aim for better jeans in the long run.
  5. I've ended up with 2 pairs, Draggin Neo's for cooler days, and some Draggin Cargos for hot weather.
    I've also got 2 helmets, for the same sort of reason. 2 pairs of gloves, and 2 jackets.
  6. My advice, have you actually tried on the Shark? Are you 100% sure it fits your head? Because getting this wrong is an annoying mistake.
  7. Bot 100% on anything am yet to go in and make sure everything is comfy and feels right.
    Depebding on price difference will buy online or in store but just trying to figure out if this sounds right or am I missing any major expenses.
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  9. Tyres, depending on wear when you get bike, and how many k's you do
  10. The only other item that may be worth considering is 'luggage', depending on what kind of riding you're going to be doing. I commute every day and do 300-400km day trips every couple of weekends. I started with a decent backpack but they become really annoying, especially on twisty roads, so I got a DriRider tank bag. Fits all my stuff for these little trips and gets the weight off my back. Mine cost about $110 online.
  11. sounds good like Stever42Stever42 said you can spilt the purchases over seasons.

    And remember the bargain bins in store will often turn up gold
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  12. The only thing missing is a luxury weekend spa pack for your minister of war and finance to get a better reception when you present your list. ;)
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  13. Buy the minimum gear now (ie only one set) as you will realise what works and does not work for you. The yearly Aldi biker gear sale (around August-ish) is also always there to look forward to!
  14. Thanks Everyone all the advice is amazing.
    I noticed the Aldi Sale when I first started looking last year, However had done no research regarding what I needed etc.
    A lot of the bike I have looked at have a luggage rack or Panniers (was initially looking at a cruiser) now possibly naked or sports tourer, My main goal at the moment is to be safe enough to learn to make sure I dont waste my Ls and spread the expenses out as much as possible.
    In regards to cost I found a CB400 which has everything done and up to date so hopefully would be expense free for a few months.
    I have been thinking of going to the two local shops however unsure how lucky I will be as they are only small, and the bigger stores require a morning or afternoon to go look.
  15. You might also find that once you start trying items on, you might not like the fit or cut for your body which can narrow the selection down.
    With jeans for example, i tried on nearly every pair, and only 1 pair i was happy with!.
    I found i spent a long time selecting the right gear and only focused on 1 item at a time, and researched the crap out of it.
    I spent day for example reading reviews on helmets in my price range and selected a handful i wanted to try on. When i tried them on, none of my selected were right for me and i went with something i had not selected.
    Take the time with gear, it can be fun anyway.
    The wrong gear can make for a very ordinary ride, trust me!
    Sometimes its something simple, like my first pair of gloves were just too tight around my wrist. fine when wearing them in the shop, but when ride and the angle changed slightly, it was enough to seriously hurt my hands and blood flow. i really recommend trying stuff on before buying online!
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  16. Thanks Bam Bam, at the moment this is an estimate, so I know what I am looking at as I will go try it all on in the city and check the bargain bins and then buy online probably through bike biz or from the US once I know what really fits, each item is what type I was thinking etc and I dont trust online sizing and my size fluctuates as I am a pretty bug guy.
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  17. Closer to where you are, try peter Stevens Dandenong or Ringwood stores, they have a pretty big selection of stuff to try on.
    AMX on sth gippy hwy is cheaper than online. Go in and have a look before you buy Anything
  18. Yeah I have only seen AMX online but intend to do some looking when I can.
  19. Also I have seen a few stores offer 'starter packs' that included basic pants, jacket, gloves, helmet for a fixed price. Can't recall what it was but was not expensive
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  20. I got myself a 'starter pack' for less than $400 (RST ventilator III jacket - that I still use, RST gloves - still use these too, although they're due for an upgrade, and a helmet - replaced that pretty soon after)

    I have upgraded and added to my gear since, so I've probably spent way too much money on it by now. Still, the starter pack was exactly that - a good place to start. Once you've been riding for a bit you get a better idea of what fits and what you like, and if you even *like* riding enough to shell out thousands of dollars on gear.
    I've heard plenty of stories of people buying expensive stuff only to find out shortly thereafter that the sport/hobby/thing wasn't really for them.
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