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Am i kidding myself?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by serafina, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. I'm starting out and currently have about $3000-$3500 to spend on a bike. Am i kidding myself? I would like something ready to go - i have very little mechanical knowledge so i don't want something that needs work or is bound to break down. Also as much rego on it as possible would be great.
    I've been doing some looking and i can't find a bloody thing.

    Should i forget it? :cry:


  2. keep looking, if thats your bike budget alone, no problems. Will be an older bike, but you will be able to pick something up in ready to go for that price.
  3. Is that budget exclusive of gear? You'll need around $1,000 for helmet, jacket, gloves, and boots. If you've already got the gear, or that's coming from another budget, then keep looking - reasonably decent 250's can be found for 3,500.
  4. it depends what size or year model bike your looking for i spent $4000 on a 94 yzf600 and there is not a thing wrong with it mechanically although it was dropped once before i got it but a newer bike will certainly cost more
    keep looking though something always turns up
  5. I take it that you haven't allowed for gear as well?

    start thinking that $800 to $1000 of that money will be for Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, Boots etc.

    Now you've got $2200-$2700 to spend on a bike. But even with that you should still be able find a decent little 250. Nothing special mind you, but it'll teach you what you need to learn and hopefully last you the 15-18 months before you decide you need something bigger...

    No, you shouldn't forget it.
  6. I spent $4300 on a GPX-250 including on road and 12 months warranty.

    Extra costs;
    Lid $300
    Jacket $300
    Glovess $70
    Alarm $70
    Wet Weather Gear $120.
    Insurance $350
    Q-Ride $500

    Still need;

    Boots $300
    Draggin Jeans $300
  7. okay yes, the 3000-3500 is just for the bike. i have extra allowed for gear obviously.
  8. http://www.caringbahmotorcycles.com.au/usedbikes.html

    Have a look at this site ,there got the honda spada 250.
    There about $4000 ,But you should get some gear like a helmet and jacket cheaper ,with the deal.
    So if your got $3500 for the bike and $1000 for the gear ,just a few more hundred and your set to go .

    My helmet was only $160.
    Gloves $50.
    Jackets {summer} ,is $200. warm enough T shirt and jumper under it.
    Draggin jeans are $200
    And have seen good riding boots for $99.
    If you buy all this gear in the one shop for $709 ,you should get 10% off. $650 should get you going .

    Bikebiz at parramatta are having a big sale this weekend .
    Like $300 helmets for $150.
    Jackets $600 for $200.
  9. some shops will offer a learner package (gloves, jacket, helmet) when you buy a bike of them
    Dont know if they add this onto the price I guess just have a look round and compare
    Just becareful with the helmet as I had an off at about 75clicks and was told if I had a cheaper helmut on (mine was an Arai) I would prbably not be here now but I think maybe they might have been trying to sell me a more expensive one all I know is that it was definately a mess
  10. Once I sort out the monster's electrical problems (I'm currently commuting on my Spada), I'll be selling my Spada.

    For around $2300.

    While she's in tip top condition mechanically, cosmetically she needs some work. Tank is scratched up, and bodywork from the panniers.

    If she fails to sell in a month or so, I'll take her down to the resprayers, get her resprayed for $300, then pump the price up to 3k.
  11. PM me when you are selling the Spada Kaer, I might have to buy it...
  12. It's a myth that a $800 full face helmet is going to save you more than a $120 full face helmet.

    I've never paid more than $200 for a helmet in my life.

    And it's also true that moto x helmets are lighter than full face road helmets, yet guys have had massive off road stacks on hard surfaced dirt roads and those helmets have saved them also.

    Every helmet sold in Oz has to pass the same standards test.

    I can point you at a number of riders I know who have slammed head/face first onto tarmac at high speed in a cheaper full face and all been ok.
    The helmets were often badly damaged but the riders were fine.
  13. +1 for jaq's plug for Caringbah Motorcycles, see my earlier "Spada Heaven" thread. Steve is a direct importer of Spadas and every one he sells is a good buy. Talk to him.....
  14. You could also wear a push bike helmet and survive a hit. It's the hit at the right impact zone that counts. Cheap helmets are heavy (cheaper material) so more chance os sustaining neck injuries etc. It's not a myth..they have just been lucky.
  15. for $3000-3500, you can get any 250, in excellent running order.

    For inline-4 250's you'd be looking at around an 87' model for that price, but buy a good one, and it definetly won't break down, and you'll easily get back what you paid for it when you sell.

    Mate of mine bought an 87' CBR250 over a year ago, for $3300. Needed new tires, rego etc... all up cost him $4000. He's ridden it over 10'000k's and it's almost out of rego.

    Last week he sold it for $4200.

    Another mate of mine, recently picked up a mint 2003' ZZR250, with only 18'000km's for a shocking $3500! Bargains are out there.

    My first bike was a CB250, 2001 model, 12 months rego and fantastic condition, cost- $3100

    My point is, you have more than enough money. Look around and you'll be able to find any style of bike you could want, in great condition
  16. My MDS Edge helmet is no heavier than my step son's Shoei?

    And in regards to luck, plenty of people have died wearing very expensive helmets, so one can assume they were unlucky?

    I do agree luck plays a big role in any accident.

    I'll need documented, undeniable proof to convince me that one brand of full face helmet is better than another.
  17. Comfort and noise is a big difference in cheaper and expensive helmet's.

    But think - it goes on your head how cheap do you want to go.

    I'm sure the higher price tag corresponds to the increase in technology for safety
  18. Ned mate...you are assuming that because a full face helmet costs a great deal of money it is going to be safer.
    But there is no evidence that I can find to support that.
    What I did find is that ROOF in France makes helmets that actually exceed the reconised Schnell standard for helmet construction and safety...but it's illegal to own a ROOF helmet in Oz, because they do not have an Oz standard approval sticker on them. Go figure.

    It's the same story with Simpson helmets and Craft helmets.

    My MDS Edge is made by AGV under the logo of MDS.
    It's their cheaper, entry level helmet series for riders who don't want to, or cannot afford to, buy more expensive helmets.
  19. In regards to comfort, well that's all up to the individual.
    I liked the more expensive matt black Nitro's for their looks, but I found them very uncomfortable. I was also not able to fit glasses down the sides of the helmet lining due to the way it had been designed.
    I found the M2R camo colored moto-x helmet I wore last year to be very comfortable.
    Strangely I find their road helmets uncomfortable.
    I bought the MDS Edge because (apart from the price)I liked it's carbon black looks and it was very comfortable as soon as I put it on. I don't find the wind noise in it any different to any other helmet I've ever worn.