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Am I in the wrong?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Greed, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I am a new learner rider(1 Month) who commutes 15 minutes to work in the City most days of the week.

    Every morning I make my way down kings way into the City, usually with the presence of another rider. It is pretty casual as the lanes are quite wide so there is a lot of room to filter through. However, this morning a woman was right up by rear, as I suspect she wanted me to go faster than the legal filtering limit. When we got to the set of lights there was only enough room for one bike between the cars, so I filtered to the front.

    When I got there she yelled to me to "move up" in an aggressive tone. I stayed there because otherwise I would have had to move my whole bike across the white line and then in front of a car(not too concerned about the car), essentially in a Y shape, placing me in a bad position.

    As a learner rider I am not too sure what to do in these situations, she could clearly tell I was a learner rider.

    Should I have backed off earlier in this situation and let her past?

  2. My advice is, if you're ever feeling like your attention is being shifted away from the task of riding your motorcycle due to another behind you.....let them pass. Especially as a learner.

    In terms of filtering to the front, I always move across the white line a bit to allow room for another rider to squeeze past behind me. It doesn't take a lot of room, and the cars aren't impeded in any way.

    That said I do often end up behind people that filter to the front but stay in between the cars....this places the rider behind in what can be an awkward position depending on the space available when the traffic starts to move. I'm usually not too fussed as long as the front rider takes off swiftly enough to allow me to get in front of the traffic.
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  3. Your not 'legally' allowed to filter on L's. So not crossing the lines not gunna save you a ticket.
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  4. That you were aware of her and thinking about the situation shows that you are doing OK I reckon.
    She sounds like she is well able to get herself in front if it is important to her, being rude to a learner is not the sign of a good road user, some of them do try your patience though ;-)
    If there is an easy place to allow her past, do so, otherwise let her sort herself out.
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  5. There are arguments both ways. I've come to learn that I'm not the keeper of the road and I don't need to be first to where I'm going, so if an idiot wants to barge past, I just let them go past. However, if there wasn't sufficient room for you to let the other rider filter to the front without you putting yourself either over the white line or in front of a car (whose driver you don't know, so who knows what they'll do when the light turns green), I don't see why you'd need to accommodate the demand to move up.
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  6. In most circumstances I would cross the line to make room, but depends on the circumstance.
    I wouldn't risk it a a red light camera for example, regardless of who is behind, and I've got more points to play with than you.
    Yes, it's polite to make room but it's not like she didn't know you were there.
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  7. Fairly simple to me. Learner rides aren't allowed to filter under the current laws.

    And if your slow move over.
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  8. Sounds like a fcuking biatch having a bad day ignore her, if she carries on as she goes by
    option A continue to ignore her
    option B Tell her to fcuk off
    option C Tell her fcuk off with the middle finger salute
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  9. I would just continue to ignore her...people like this are not worth your time or money!

    If you really want to piss her off, lift your visor and smile at her. This will make her more angry. And if she can hear you, ask her why she's so angry and keep smiling. :D
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  10. As long as you accelerate at a reasonable pace faster than the cars it shouldn't worry anyone between cars behind you. Any competent rider should be able to manage to accelerate between two cars safely from the tail after the light turns green. Though it is polite to move up.
  11. True that learners aren't allowed to filter but still a common occurance.

    I will cross the white line with the front wheel & to the left a bit, if I'm the first to arrive at the front. If I'm not first I've sat between cars & relied on the first rider to take off quickly. Thankfully I've never been held up as I'll always make sure I try to alert the first rider I'm there so they don't dilly-dally around.
  12. Hi All,

    Thanks for you response. I actually didn't realise that learners weren't allowed to filter, I've filtered right past police cars without an issue...

    I will just pull to the side next time, as unnecessary as she was, better safe than sorry.

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  13. It's hard, but just one bozo can ruin your day like that! If it happens again, or similar just turn around & acknowledge the person with a little wave & continue your merry way.

    Having said that about moving to the side, only do that if you think it's safe to do so & if there's room. Many cars will stop right up at the line & you shouldn't move to the side so that you're kind of entering the intersection territory then! If you're not comfortable then don't let some grumpy twat force you!
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  14. Cheers for the advice Big W
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  15. Just bop along to some imaginary music and don't let an imbecile spoil your ride. If she got out of bed earlier, she would have been in front of you. She probably rides the same route every day and still f.. ks it up. Enjoy your ride.
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  16. was she hot?
  17. I mostly wave other riders through if they look like they are in a hurry... but only if they show respect by not pushing the issue. I do keep a frequent check on my mirrors so I know what's behind although even so they sometimes catch me out. I have been known to pretend not to see them :rolleyes: and block ... but only if they are pushy and rude.
    Doesn't hurt for more experienced riders to be considerate .. we were all there once.
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  18. Legally: Yes

    Common sense: No

    Take your pick. :)

    Just considering: Her yelling at you in an aggressive tone may not have really been aggressive. To try and get past your helmet she may have been yelling as loud as she could - at which point there's only one tone. It may have just been a loud request :)

    However being right up your rear previous shows poor roadmanship IMO - especially to a learner rider.

    As a learner rider (or any rider really) it's always polite to make room or allow others who are faster or more skilled to pass - when it's safe and practical to do so, but if it's not - or it's going to get you in the poo... well a few more second's isn't going to kill the person behind.

    Be courteous, but don't do anything for anyone that you're not comfortable with or not happy to do if they weren't there in the first place. That's when mistakes are made. Whether that be in the twisties with a group of riders, or on the street with a chick up your rear.
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  19. Oh hang on - you didn't mention whether the woman behind was on a bike or a scooter. That makes a huge difference! ;)
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  20. Sounds like she was having a bad day,
    Generally speaking you should duck back into a lane and let the faster rider take the lead if you see them coming or are following you. Its not your issue what speed they plan to go or if they plan to do something stupid.
    This applies to more then just filtering, if you venture out onto the open roads and another rider wants to blast down the straight at 300km/h or between trucks, just pull left and wave them past. Never break your concentration worrying about hurting the feelings of the rider behind you or to feel pressured into riding faster then your comfortable with.

    As to going over the white line, I will always try to move clearly infront of the car at-least a 1/3 of the way into their lane. Had to many nutcases try to race or deliberately cut me off in "revenge" for filtering if your in the middle of 2 lanes.
    The other rider should have found another way around you or waited until their was a clear gap however you can see how they might get pissed if their routine was broken.

    Filtering on L's is sketchy but do what you feel is safest. Part of riding safely and defensively involves knowing when to break the law, don't let a piece of paper written up by old men in wigs force you to stay in risky positions.
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