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Am i hurting the bike :(!!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by roysrun, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys n Girls,

    Just bought a 600 ducati monster. get up to start in in the morning Open the choke and it idles really low for a split second and then starts to idle really high really quickly. Am i using the choke right? or should i being doing something else when i start her up.

  2. tried a gallon of petrol and a match? that's what most ducati owner's do (just incase you are a silly bugger...Do NOT do this.)
  3. No you're not.

    But you can put the choke on, then start the bike if you want.
  4. Once it starts to idle high, back off the choke.

    All the choke does is make the fuel/air mixture richer so the bike is easier to start, but obviously once it's running happily the extra fuel is akin to having the throttle slightly open so the revs will increase.

    On a well maintained bike you shouldn't need to use the choke for long, and don't even necessarily have to put it fully on (or at all) to start depending on things like temperature and altitude above sea level.
  5. So its a good thing it revs high quickly. Sometimes i need to use the choke sometimes i don't....This is Good :applause:
  6. lol the bikes awesome...ill only blow it up if im short on cash and need insurance scam lol...is there something im missing about Ducati owners (new to riding so not sure how im perceived by the wider community) lol
  7. our VTR does the same thing... takes a few seconds for the oil to flow around then the revs go up and i wind the choke back... no biggie its just the engine starting, reaching equilibrium, and then revving cause of the extra fuel & air.
  8. It's completely normal for a carb'd bike to do so.

    My old 600 monster was a breeze to start. Full choke, start, let it run about 5-10 seconds then wind the choke back to a fast idle. After about 30 seconds, choke off, it will idle a little low after this but once warm the idle will creep back to normal.

    The choke will in fact choke the amount of air flowing through the carby making the mixture richer. You don't want to leave the choke on for too long as you'll run the risk of fouling the plugs.
  9. Awesome advice mate cheers I was also a little scared when I filled up petrol it started leaking petrol out of this random tube I hadn't known before but I guessed it was just excess fuel am I right (sorry if this question is a bit stupid but I'd rather make sure)....?:nopity:
  10. Yep. But try starting the bike at altitude and at a sub-zero temperature and you'll soon see what the choke is for ;).
  11. I can see ur point I'm glad I bought this bike....besides the super jump in power and me thinkingg that I'm absolutely pimp :applause: I makes me want want to learn how to ride properly and learn a bit more about bikes in general no fuel meter no rev meter lol makes me worry about how I ride alot more
  12. I thought there was no redline on Duc tachos, because you shift by feel. But no tacho at all? This is taking into the nether regions of red-blooded Italian passion!
  13. does it have carby??

    once the bike is going you should be able to turn off the choke or adjust the idle speed

    on my klx when it was lean i had to raise the idle speed to get it to idle when warming up and then turn it down when the bike was warm

    if it is jetted correctly it will start easy and idle the same when both cold and warm
  14. Not so much owners, but the bikes themselves have a (somewhat undeserved) reputation akin to these:

  15. Chokes arent used on EFI dg
  16. No, but quite a few modern bikes (particularly European ones) do have a "fast idle" which for all intents and purposes is the same as a choke.
  17. I have a question to add to this discussion. My bike when cranking on full choke it takes a while to start with just the start button in the mornings so to get a quicker start I have to open the throttle as I'm cranking it and it almost instantly starts up instead of sitting there on the start button for a little while cranking, it seems to do this when I haven't run it in a while, if I were to switch it off and switch back on it will start instantly its just when i haven't been running it for a while I have a little trouble getting it to run.

    I just want to know if this is normal for my bike as my bike is pretty old its a 93 model, I've done a spark plug change, oil change(filter) and fuel filter change and cleaned out my carbys and put back together, if its not normal I'd like to know how to fix it, also the choke range is very sensitive at the full choke position to about half way as soon as I go past half back to no choke I can't really tell the difference between normal rpm and choked rpm, can that be tuned?

    Thanks guys for the help.
  18. If it only does it when the bike's been sitting for a while then it's likely due to the fuel in the carb bowls having evaporated. If your bike has a "Pri" setting on the fuel tap, then this is what it is for (set to Pri and leave for a minute or so, then switch back to "on" and try starting without throttle).
  19. Just had a look I have on,res,off and FUFL? whatever FUFL stands for I think thats prime, I'll try it next time it doesn't turn on with straight open, but I don't want to be doing this everytime I wan't it too start lol, and wouldn't leaving it on prime overflow the carby?

    When i say while like an hour or something after its cooled down.
  20. Are you sure FUFL isn't FUEL?

    Sounds like it doesn't actually have a prime setting, in which case there's not a lot you can do other than what you're doing now - which is basically waiting for the engine to suck through enough fuel to fill the carbs.