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Am I 'hardcore' or 'insane' ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by maplegum, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. This weekend is my 1st road trip.

    Husband and I are heading out to Harley Horsham to get his Buell serviced tomorrow, staying overnight there.

    Saturday morning heading out to Halls Gap for 2 days.

    This weather has me a little concerned though. For the 'Horsham' area for the weekend they are saying 'shower or two' for each of the days. I've been looking at the radar all day not knowing if we should cancel the trip and make it for another time.

    I really want to go though! I can handle some light showers, but heavy rain??? We have wet weather gear but I have only ever riden in the rain once and it was only light rain for about 20 minutes.

    Do I just 'do it'?
  2. Do you think you'd regret NOT going, even if the weather isn't great?
    ... too short for regrets...
  3. Go. The forecast is scattered showers, possible thunderstorms. If it gets heavy, pull over and wait it out. It will pass before too long with these kinds of conditions.
    Obviously, take care with wet roads and look for washouts.
  4. Light rain can often be worse than heavy rain. Light rain just mobilises the oil on the road. Heavy rain can clear the road for you. Tyres are made for rain.
  5. Stuff that. I'd drive.
  6. I love riding in the rain, love it when things get a bit squirmish, tis kind of a rush.
  7. Mods; can we have this Troll banned?
  8. If you have got good wet weather gear and ride to the conditions you should be fine.

    Oh and to answer your question. If you go, it makes you a motorcyclist. If you don't go it makes you a woose.
  9. Just don't lean too much in the wet. As long as you aren't planning on going quickly no reason you can't enjoy the ride. Will be good practise as well for those days when the clouds roll in from nowhere and you are forced to ride in the wet.
  10. Go Maple, you'll kick yourself if you don't!
  11. Just go, its all about confidence, you actually lose less grip as a percentage of available grip from dry to wet on a bike compared to a car and its almost impossible to aquaplane a bike.
  12. Listen to the learner on the 250, he knows what he's talking about. Learn before teaching champ.

    OP, you are riding with someone who has experience apparently, so follow their advice and enjoy yourself.
  13. It's just water right???
    Husband just tells me that it is hailing at home.
  14. :LOL: Meh, I've commuted enough in the wet. Give me a radio, a roof over my head and air conditioning. Wonderful.
  15. You're insanecore.
  16. Halls Gap is amazing, I'm desperate to get out there on the bike some time. That said, those curves/cliffs are pretty extreme - so if you're not 100% comfortable riding in the wet, I'd give it a serious second thought.
  17. Why???
    How else is anyone going to learn or adapt?
  18. In the famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "COME AHN, DO IT, DO IT NAOW!!!"
  19. Experience in a range of conditions is good.... Sounds like you have a pretty good helping hand with you most of the time as well...

    Personally, I like getting experience in wet conditions as a learner... 80% rule ftw!
  20. Way too much overthinking goes on in this forum. Just get on the bike and ride the bloody thing :D.

    Seriously, though, you've managed to cover a few kms now without falling off, you're going to be accompanied by a more experienced rider who, presumably, has your wellbeing at heart and some idea of your capabilities, and you seem sensible enough that you'll not be too worried about stopping and taking stock if you feel that the situation is more than you can handle.

    Do it. You'll be fine and you'll enjoy it, if not at the time, at least in hindsight. One of my most vivid and lasting memories of my first couple of years on the road was batting across North Wales in the tail end of a hurricane. It was hard, cold, wet work, but looking back it was a great and educational experience :D.