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Am I going mad?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thedge, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. I had a 10,000km service christmas eve. Turned up at the dealership for the service. I was told that it hasn't been booked in. Doesn't matter, they did it anyway. Came back after 6hrs and it was ready to go. Wait a minute, did you fit the new speed clock under warranty? We will do that now, only a few screws. Okay, paid the 397.00 dollars rode home.I hadn't ridden the bike for awhile so I gave it a wash. Hello! where is the chrome visor which goes around the speed clock. I rang the dealer and they order one in. Received it a couple days later and fittied, easy job. Rode around for a few weeks and notice a rubbing noise coming from under the tank. Rode another week and said bugger this. I removed the tank and found that the lefthand fuel tank rubber support missing. Rang the dealer, he told me he will look into it and order another one which should be in the next day. Rang the next day and was told that it hasn't arrived, but also said "Is it a large black thingy"? I am sure that I saw it somewhere. Anyhow, it might take awhile as it may come England. This is my first service with this dealerin my area. What is your opinion?

  2. Well I wouldn't go back there.
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  3. +1
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  4. Find another workshop, preferably one where they don't drink their own bath water.
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  5. name and shame...that's really bad
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  6. ^^^^^that
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  7. Ask for a refund
  8. I've had pretty awful experiences with the same dealership you're trying not to mention. There's some genuinely great staff in there and some rude arrogant pricks. Both times I've had my BMW serviced there they've forgotten or not bothered with the odd things (even things they ticked off on the receipt).

    They're OK for sales and gear.

    I'd recommend the Bike Doctor in Hamilton - cheaper and better, and I've never heard a bad word about him, nor had a bad experience.
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  9. It really puts a large question mark over whether the service was done properly????????????
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    e-mail triumph australia. gather it was your triumph that was serviced. they send me surveys about how well I'm being treated and the salesman at peter stevens said it costs them to get a bad report (but that might have just been about buying the bike).
  11. its hard to find a good reliable place to take your bike nowadays
  12. I will give them a go next service.
  13. Yes, you are righr there. They get good money for services. More then what they make on sales. Good example,I was charge $80.00 for oil out of a 205ltr drum for christ sakes.
  14. I should as it is a get product which needs better backup.By people who care.
  15. wait...
    somebody sold you a 'speed clock' for your bike.

    i have a bridge for sale in Sydney.
    would you like to buy it ?
  16. I think Justus is gonna go mad when he sees this... :p
  17. First thing I'd do is speak with the Manager and/or Owner of the dealership. Keep calm and explain what has happened and that you aren't happy.

    If you get no satisfaction and/or it happens again I'd be contacting Triumph (I assume it was your Thunderbird) and going somewhere else. Don't forget as long as your bike is serviced a qualified mechanic and the service card completed you are covered for any warranty issues that may arise.
  18. Go in there and demand you get the oil at a cheaper rate...Watch the labour rate go up.
    Since when is it a crime for business' to make a profit, certainly don't argue on pay day.

    Back to the real subject, that's crap and you need to let them know about the poor service you've had. It's entirely up to you if you wish to return.
  19. Be aware that the triumph service surveys get passed on to the dealer - and his staff. So if you tell the truth (as I did) next time you go into the shop you *WILL* get grief. Of course if you never intend to go back to that shop go right ahead!

  20. Too late ;)