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Am I getting a good deal

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by EscapadeBabe, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    It's my first time posting so hello :) but i'd also like to ask a question. I'm buying my first bike and I've been advised to go for the VTR 250 and after looking through all previous posts it seems I've been told right.

    I've found one and just want to see what the opinions are as to whether it's a good (hopefully great) deal

    It's a 2007 model VTR 250 with 235kms on the clock, registered til July and still under factory warranty... It's never been crashed/dropped or anything... apparently the guy who bought it traded for a scooter once he realised he had no co-ordination. It's basically brand new.

    They're selling it for $7250... does that seem good to people who know bike prices?

    Cheers for your help

  2. Offer him $6500 cash and buy it.

    It would be a great buy @$7K
  3. A quick search of the net sees new 2007 VTR250 going for about 7k +ORC (bugger all for a bike)
    You dont say if its dealer of private but from a dealer I'd be looking for 1k at least less than new price and 1.5k if private depending what extras if any the bike has.

    The question really is "do you think its a good deal?" As at the end of the day it doesnt matter what we think.

    P.S. A state in your profile would help and welcome to NR. :LOL:
  4. First of all thanks guys...

    The bikes on sale for $7.5K so i'm pretty sure it's not going to go down anymore... It'll be $7250 or look somewhere else, but the VTR 250 new was about $8750 ride away from what I've seen, so it seemed pretty good to me. Just wanted the opinion of people that know bike prices ;)

    Your advice is much appreciated (oh and i added my location - thx for that)

  5. You moswell wave the cash in front of there face and see what they say, you might get it for $500 cheaper, you never know.
  6. Sounds like a good price BUT I reckon it sounds like a bullshit reason you've been given by the dealer. Make sure it hasn't been dropped and fixed up....that's a far more realistic scenario IMO.
  7. ^^^ more likely scenario, then again, people lie to do all sorts of things so cant blame the guy for lying to sell a bike (alledgidely lying) :wink:
  8. At a guess I would say it has had a light drop and has scared the owner shivless. But as I say, a light drop, so they might have grabbed new bar ends and a new indicator.

    I'd say offer $6500, if he says no, say you will need a day or two to think about it but say you could possibly go up to $7000, give him a call in a couple of days, offer the the $7000 and i reckon he will accept it.
  9. i think you wouldnt have a problem finding a 2004/2005 VTR 250 in the market for 5k probably 5.5k.

    are you sure your gonna keep it for more than 1.5 years? but if you are dead set on it... well 7k is a good price. offer the stealer 6.7k ..... play around there with 7k tops.
  10. 'Value Your Bike' @ www.bikesales.com.au says $6,250-$6,950, unsure if its accurate / not.

    Welcome to N-R and im hailing from G'ville too, may see you in the neighbourhood.