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Am I gay? (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by daewoo, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Yep, the wife and kids mean nothing, it's all just for appearences, you should have been on a float

  2. No, it was derfinately his unattached sister/flatmate ironing his shirt for him (like that's ever go

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  3. Make sure you are in the office early tomorrow with a telescope before you file for divorce and move

  1. Dear Dan-ny,

    So this morning, I am in the office early, and I spy a very nice very nude middle section of a torso ironing a shirt in the apartment across the road... the blind is half down covering the chesticles, and I am looking from above the ironing board is hiding the downy smoo... but the guts look flat and the waist nice and thin... I caught a glimpse of back bottom (as opposed to front bottom) as the body walked out of the frame, and it all looked good...

    Some time later, a person reappears now clothed in what appears to be said freshly ironed shirt and irons a tie.. I am pretty sure that this is a bloke...

    Now I am unsure if the first nude torso I casually glanced at (for a few minutes) was a bloke or a blokette... I am all confused...

  2. uh-oh, I used to have this happen when not wearing my glasses. now I wear them all the time for said reasons. problem solved!
  3. but I would need X-Ray glasses to see through the blind and/or ironing board... and if it turns out to be a bloke... eeeuuwwww...

    I am thinking it must be a penially challenged person, because no bloke would iron in the nude... what if Hi-5 came on the TV, and it was an old episode with Kathlen de Leon, and something 'sprung up'...
  4. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I voted C, i'd be coming back and checking tomorrow.
  5. Great thread
    Voted C :LOL:
  6. Great thread?

    Bikers sure aren't what they used to be ....
  7. And certainly no straight bloke would be ironing a tie.
    So either way you're possibly still in with a chance :LOL:.

  8. Would you rather "what 250 should I buy"
    or "I hate cops"
    or "front number plates suck"
    or "Will this helmet be legal?"
    or "poll: What colour bike should I buy with my leathers"

    etc. etc.
  9. C)

    You don't have to move to Paddington, but it helps :LOL:
  10. I have 4 cars, two motorbikes, a wife and two kids... shouldn't be too hard to squeeze all of them into a bedsit in Paddington then...

    After all my time in Asia, I pride myself on my ability to pick born girls from not-born girls... I have always got 100% in the Internet quizzes on the subject, and have never had an embarassing moment, unlike many of my mates (Troy, Jim, Ben).... mind you, none of that has been from 60m through two windows, for a middle section only view... but still, maybe I'm turning...

    You know what they say, 'chicks are pretty good, but you can't beat the real thing"...
  11. This might be a clue.

    Join the navy!
  12. Could have been worse Loz, could have been Hyosung :LOL:
  13. Aaaahhh. Loz, what brand of car is that nubira thingy that you get around in?
  14. Nice catch, but Loz just thought the salesman was asking him if he wanted a 'new beer, huh?'.
  15. UPDATE:

    The blind was all the way down all morning, so I am none the wiser...

    I do recall that the gender indetermined was particularly profficient at ironing, so that is working towards my hetro credentials...
  16. Not really :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. You're right, there's some 'interesting' stuff on this forum .... :-k let's not forget 'what's the right way to nod?'
  18. No, that just means that he might be gay too.
  19. Well, Day 3 and the blind is still down...

    Maybe she has gone for a Holiday in the Greek Isles, maybe Mykonos... maybe Domestos (the cleanest of the Greek Isles)...

    Maybe she has gone to the bath house...

    Or to see a musical...

    I am thinking of breaking into the appartment during the day to pull the blind up, so that tomorrow I will hopefully know that it is a proper chick... I need to know that I am 100% red blooded male, the suspenders, I mean suspense is killing me.
  20. Or ex-military...