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Am i expecting too much?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by sparz, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Ok, so i took my gpx250r in for a Major service.

    Gave it to the guy on Tuesday and he said his mechanic was sick at the time, and i rang him up on Friday to pick it up.

    The total came to $500. $310 for labour and $190 for parts (parts is including a arrowmax front tyre...)

    When i handed over the key i told him that the throttle was sticky - would take forever for the throttle to shut once u let go. I asked him to fix that. I also told him that my bike would rev at 1500rpm normally when idle, but once i rode it around for about 20-30 mins the revs would go up to 3000rpms. I asked him if this was normal, and he said no. As well, the revs are running a bit rich (you rev the bike and once u let go, it slowly goes down to idle, im pretty sure although it should be going down alot faster.

    I also need a new indicator, and he told me the parts (indicator + mount would cost like $110!!!) The above service price is Excluding the indicator

    So, i call the guy and ask if i can pick it up on friday, and he says 'well the indicator hasnt come in yet. You can pick up the bike IF YOU REALLY NEED TO. I found that a bit wierd.. keeping a bike cause the indicator hasnt been shipped in ?

    So he quickly said some of the stuff stuff he did, air filter, oil filter, coolant, chain lube. I then asked 'so how does the bike run?'. He replied 'yeah everything is great with the bike'.

    So i take it home and notice :

    1. The throttle is still sticky - he did absolutely nothing to fix it
    2. The revs are still high while idling when its warm
    3. I took the fairings off and the coolant is in the same exact spot before i took it in... about 1-2 cm from the LOW marker.
    4. The bike is pretty hard to start when its 'cold'. Its a hot day and its still hard to start. Before the service it always started easily. Even with choke it has trouble.

    Im going to call him on Monday and tell him. Am i expecting too much? The things he actually did, i couldve done at home... i expected alot more from a MAJOR service.

  2. With number 2 it's just a screw to lower the idle, you can do it yourself in like 20 secs.

    Warm up the bike, then move the screw and the idle with change.
  3. Yep - he may have lowered the idle to slow it when warm, which may have made it harder to start (although need more detail on this - is it turning over at all? Firing but then stalling straight away? What are you doing with the throttle/choke?)

    Idle is an easy thing to adjust, just find that little knob. And adjust when bike is at running temp.

    Otherwise - sticky throttle could be as simple as the throttle grip rubbing on switchblock, or something a bit more involved like throttle wire tension mismatch or internal friction. Coolant level depends on when you're looking at it - bike running/off, warm/cold etc.

    I'd recommend having a chat to the mechanic about all these, see what he can tell you and ask (nicely at first) what he did to the bike in each case. Also, in future, an indicator can be sourced faster and cheaper from a wrecker than through the manufacturer.

    In terms of cost, it does sound a bit steep. The list of stuff you have provided is really only a minor service, and even adding tyre fitting shouldn't have taken 3+ hours (going labour rate is generally $80-100/hr) Get an itemised invoice off him too. If $190 includes the front tyre I'd say you're doing well - depends a bit on where 'workshop consumables' fits in (stuff like new oil, coolant, chain lube etc) it may all be lumped under labour for the service.

    So, keep it nice for now, but I would certainly recommend questioning him about it and getting a detailed invoice (good for service history when you come to sell it as well.)
  4. They should have given you an itemised reciept. Post the details of that reciept and we'll tell you what's fair and what's not. :)

    Fwiw, $110 is perfectly normal for a new Kawasaki indicator. With respect to coolant, does the reciept say they checked it (which means make sure the level is ok) or flushed the system and refilled it (in which case your bill looks kinda cheap)?

    Post the itemised run down.
  5. I usually feel a little underwhelmed when I take my vehicles to mechanics so when I bought my GPX I made sure I did all the work myself. With my GPX I've had pretty much all the problems you've mentioned and none of them were that hard to fix.

    I got an indicator off ebay for 10bucks

    You can fix the throttle by taking the handgrip and switchblock thingy off and spraying wd40 down the cable and then jiggling it. It'll be fixed straight away.

    Coolant can't be that hard to do yourself...

    My first thought with the idling is the idle adjustment, you don't even need a screw driver. I used to play with mine while sitting in traffic.

    For the cost of 500 bucks I'd be doing my own work. GPXs really aren't that hard to work on.