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Am I exhausted or is it just my aching muscles?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Flying is for planes, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. I am a new rider (September 07). My 1 st bike is a cruiser and I just bought a second bike for the garage GSX750F.

    Now I have been doing a fair bit of riding in the last week and my leg muscles are still letting me know. When I ride the cruiser you definitely have to hang on more (not to get blown off) - that one gives my arm/back muscle workout.

    Is it just my muscles getting toned or am I just to old ? :p

  2. It's muscles that you havent used before that are now getting a work out.

    After almost 6 months off the bike, the first decent ride I did I got off and my neck muscles were aching really bad.

    All good again.
  3. Well Vic at 80+ years of age you are doing really well to be still riding. :shock: I am not surprised your neck muscles were aching really bad :oops:
  4. and damn you are looking mighty good for your age as well vic :rofl:
  5. Something's wrong with his d.o.b. He's old, but not that old. ;)

    FTR, a member of the US site I chat on is 77 years old and owns THREE sportbikes. He spends his time riding, working out or going to the gun range. He regularly goes on 6 - 8 hour rides! :shock:

    Rowan, your body will get used to it. I used to be exhausted after riding to work or home again. Now, I just step off the bike like I've just ridden around the corner. A lot of the exhaustion can also be put down to mental stress. ie: Having to keep a constant eye out for dangers and always being "switched-on." Furthermore, noise will exhaust you. If you've got a noisy helmet and don't wear plugs, you will fatigue quicker.
  6. As Vic says, you're using muscles and sinews etc that have not been used in those combinations before, and they are whingeing about it. Keep riding, and before long you'll be doing 1,000 km days :LOL:. And IMHO you should be wearing ear-plugs whether or not you think your helmet is noisy; Netrider has some great ear-mold type ones on the merchandise page.
  7. Yeah, that's what I meant. :wink:
  8. It's this miracle Cream that I get from some Bloke named Erec Shaun :rofl:

    Thanks for the reminder, I was supposed to update my DOB
  9. I went for a lonnnng ride a few weeks ago down the south coast - was such a great day even though it rained.

    Anyway, when I finally got home my inner thighs were so sore I couldn't even touch them :? About 3 days later I looked at my legs and they were bruised and purple :shock: I didn't think I was squeezing the bike that hard, maybe it was just cause I rode all day? I was definitely shocked and very sore.... will see if it happens again?
  10. When i got back to the bike after a 6 month break, my muscles were killing me, it takes a while to get the bike fitness to a point where you can ride easy, especially abs and back. Nice choice of bike (gsx750f) I have one and love it. Ive been on quite a few bikes, some were better, but not many. I find it does everything on the road well, may be not exellent, but its a good all rounder. and its cheap. :grin:
  11. I have to say for what I paid nothing comes close in an as new bike that fits the mould of capable city bike, tourer and sports bike. No it may not be the best there is, but it does nothing wrong and does most things damn well. I tried a lot of bikes, many way more expensive, that didn't offer the package that the GSX750 does
  12. Yip, it is a great bike, alot of people give them shit, but like you, ive been on many bikes, and i have to say, the gsxf is the best i been on, not cause its the fastest, or the greatest handling, but cause it does everything i want, really well. It has plenty of power as well, though it is a bit quiet, im thinking of getting an aftermarket system on mayb??
  13. I was surprised how much power it has when you ride it hard. I just ordered a D&D pipe of flea bay for $230US plus shipping. I like loud pipes!
  14. Which is why I like riding in front of you! :LOL: