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Am I dreaming or is this possible?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by chipa, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Looking for suggestions to meet some potentially cross purpose requirements.

    Quick history first. Long time dirt rider, moved to Sydney from the country 2.5 years ago, sold dirt bike, stole my younger brothers CBR250RR (1992) as a road bike intro and have been riding it since then.

    I recently moved to Melbourne and it is very much past time to look for a better bike.

    Dreaming requirements:
    1 - Commuting friendly - I want to continue easy filtering. eg a Busa is too damn wide :)
    2 - Pillion friendly. I've borrowed mates bigger bikes a few times to have the missus on the back, we both want to do more of it with a few longer trips. So a super sports is out.
    3 - Not too old as I as I'm a little past spending too much time on servicing / fixing my own bikes these days (Basic maintenance is OK).

    The 2 bikes I have considered was the now old'ish CBR 600 F4i or the VFR 800 (Gen 5/6). The F4i is getting old so not ideal on that count only. I thought the VFR 800 Gen 6 would be good, Gen 5 a little too old. But after sitting on a Gen 6 today I'm a bit worried the width would be more than I would be comfortable with for moving up the traffic queue.

    So then, am I dreaming of finding something that may suit me? Or should I tell the missus to get her own bike ;)

  2. Get the missus her own bike.
  3. Well I'd tell the missus to get her bike, but I'd still be tempted by a VFR800.

    Other bikes to look at are the Bandit 1200/1250, FZ1S, ZXR1200, GSX750F, ZZR600, GPX750 (old).

    You could also look at the 'all roads tourers'. DL650/1000, BMW GS range, Tiger etc.
  4. I'm in the VFR camp. One of the true Swiss-Army-Knife motorcycles.

    As for model, seriously, a '95 750 can be had for around 3-4000 and even with mileage (100,000 plus) with a good maintenance record, and good maintenance intentions, you won't wear it out in another 7 years ..... or more!
  5. Here's my solution:


    It had 19,800km on it when I got it a few months ago for $5250. For a Viffer, that's barely run in! My previous 5th gen had nearly 120,000km and it was still going strong when it had an argument with a guard rail, so this bike should have a lot of life left in it.

    I filter/split a lot without any troubles. A 5th gen is about 10kg lighter than a 6th gen, and it's thinner between the rider's legs, making it more suitable for the vertically challenged (legs less splayed = easier to reach the ground = less likely to drop the bike while walking it through the tightest filtering opportunities).

    As with any VFR, install a VFRness (wiremybike.com) and a MOSFET rectifier/regulator, then the worst of the "walk home" failures won't be an issue for your bike. The money saved by getting a low km 5th gen (instead of a 6th gen) can be spent on getting the suspension modified to suit your weight and riding style, making it a very capable bike.

    Anyway, that's my $0.02...
  6. Real world, the limiting factor with filtering is usually handlebar width, not the bulk of the fairings (unless you add panniers). VFR bars are not that wide. Nor is the 'busa really.
    The VFR/ SprintST/Ninja1000/F800ST/GSF1200 type of thing seems to fit your overall requirements best.
  7. Something that also fits every single requirement of yours is the Ninja650/Er6N
  8. Don't want to be rude about it, but it depends on how big he and his pillion are. But the little ninja could struggle two up with luggage - depending on where you ride.
  9. Have to agree with Danny. I have a '98 VFR 800 & it does everything I ask of it. It's good fun, practical & sounds amazing with a dif pipe. I changed the rear suspension (stock is crap) & the difference was huge. These bikes, like the 4th gens, can rack up big kms in their life. For me it is also "sporty" enough as I don't go too hard. Good luck with your search.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys.

    2-up weight is around 150kg's before luggage, so I'm thinking the VFR camp is pushing me in the direction I was leaning already.

    5th-gen's can be had for good pricing it appears, so I'm going to have a hunt around for a good example to test ride.

    The electronics fix (VFRness and REC/REG) looks easy and not expensive to fix. But all reports seem to say getting the boingers (shock/forks) sorted is a good move. Anyone have some ballpark figures on what I would expect to have to do / fork out for this?

    Also, any other gotcha's with these I should look for?

    Thanks again!
  11. Take a look at Hondas Hornet 900 (cb900) De-tuned fireblade 919 engine with efi instead of carbies. Lots more low/mid range torque and power at the loss of the top end rush of most i4's. Absolutely bulletproof engine. Same as the vfr in that they will hit 100,xxxk's without missing a beat and still go strong!

    Naked frame and nice comfy seating position for solo or two up riding. You can change the bars to be a bit sportier too if you want. They are a brilliant bike.

    If you do a search there is a review on here somewhere which is pretty good.

    (They sound awesome with some pipes on them too btw ;) )
  12. Would be on my list if it had fairings. Around town would be fine, but longer trips with a naked is something I'm happy to avoid.
  13. Fair enough. I do sometimes wish I had just a little bit of wind protection on some of my longer trips....

    Another vote for the zx9 then. Was my second choice after the hornet.
  14. I'm pretty happy with my CBR600f4i
  15. A BMW S1000RR will satisfy all above requirements.
  16. S1000RR is properly uncomfortable for the pillion! The pillion seat is smaller that the triange on a G string, and she'll have her knees jammed up around her ears! Looks great at the lights, but she'll hate you 10mins into the ride..

  17. I hope you detected my sarcasm ;)
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  18. Long trips away two up I'd probably suggest the VFR over a Zx9r , going solo it'd be other way around . But plenty other options as others have said . Blackbird ?
  19. Blackbird would be another good choice. Does it all well.
  20. A couple of models not mentioned yet that would also do the job are the Honda CB1000F and the Yamaha FZ-1S, both are half faired bikes similar in concept to the Bandit.
  21. I did have the Blackbird cross my mind at one stage, but I had thought there was more of a wegiht difference in the VFR's favour
    Wikipedia (CBR) and spec sheet (VFR 5th gen) says it is less than 20Kg's

    Bike: VFR800 CBR1100
    Weight(dry): 208Kg 225Kg
    Width: 735mm 720mm

    1-2cm difference in Height and length too.

    2 con's, 2 pro's (for the CBR) that I see:
    1 - may need risers for touring duties
    2 - for similar era low k's are hard to find and cost up to 50% more it appears.

    1 - less issues with suspension I believe
    2 - It is a blackbird :)

    I imagine the increase in capacity will negate the I4 vs V4 low down grunt differences.

    All this is based on the specs being correct and having no experience on either to know how they suit me / suit the routes I travel.