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Am I dreaming?? can the hyosung gt250r cruise on one wheel??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fiNkers, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. hey hey...

    i've been riding my hyosung gt250r for 1 week now... and loving having something black & powerful between the legs... :LOL:

    i'm still 'running the engine in'... but can someone plz tell this inexperienced rider what are my chances of getting this baby on 1 wheel?
    the dude @ Dale Britton reckons he's seen it done...

    your thoughts?? am i dreamn?

    please note - i am no longer a net rider virgin... :wink:

  2. Plenty of practice - i can now mono the vtr almost as far as i want - and its a lowly 250 also :D

    practice practice practice!
  3. Welcome.

    Yeah, it would wheelie. Probably not real well, and you'd need to be pretty skilled to keep it up once the wheel's off the ground, as you'd have bugger all power to help you out there.

    But it'd wheelie.
  4. rev the tits of it and pop the clutch.
    As said above the problem is trying to keep it up with no power
  5. On a 250 its more to do with balance and finding the sweet spot to do a mono in - its a very fine line between going over the back and doing a long mono - you will be shitting at first - stick at it! and dont let the police see you do it! as they tear shit through your bike :(:(:(:( i know from experience :(:(

  6. With the greatest respect, there is a bit more more to it than that. If you simply "pop" the clutch, there is every chance you will loop the bike and end up on your ass. Let the clutch out a little more quickly than normal and feel the bike 'lurch', then let it out a little quicker still, and so on, until the wheel lifts.
  7. Be pretty hard on a GT250R as its a heavier bike then your average 250 as well due to its size and a Nice but not all powerful engine compared to someother 250s as well. Could probably do it ive never tried on mine, for i need it to last.
  8. You'd need to be quite brutal to get it up, I'd imagine.
    Also not a good idea to practice on a new bike if you haven't done it many times before.
    I can wheelie my firestorm but I still prefer to practice on the dirtbike because I'm not 100% confident. The dirtbike doesn't cost quite as much to fix when I overcook the wheelie.
  9. Hey finkers

    welcome to the forums. Good to see yet another WA rider joining up, we're starting to get a few on here now. And even better to have another Freo rider.


    good choice of bike by the way :)

    Oh and i dont have anything to ad to your original post question. Just thought i'd say hi.
  10. I'm sure you can. I did it on my GPX the day I got it (and promptly swore there was no way I was going to do it again.

    I really did rev the tits off her (hard to do when she's got 14000rpm available before you hit redline) and dumped the clutch.

    It was unintentional, coz i was still getting used to her, but if I can do it, you can.
  11. Which would be entertaining for most casual bystanders, but probably won't invoke the types of oohs and aahs you were hoping for. :p
  12. I can confirm that.

    I accidently popped a mono on the VTR at a set of lights once..
    I don't think I can do it again though, it scared the shit out of me. :eek:

    The trick is revs . . then pop the clutch !!
  13. The GPX is a twin. I think the Hyosung is a 4cyl, no?

    4 cylinder 250s like my missus's across are weak as piss and require a full revs clutch dump at walking pace to lift the wheel.

    Twins like the GPX have a bit more torque and can lift easier, I've wheelied those before and it's much less difficult.

    Is the Hyosing a twin or 4 cyliner engine?
  14. 'a'
    Take statement 'a', then add statement 'b',........then don't 'pop' the clutch. If you do you are not in control, and an out-of-control mono can quickly turn into an aerobatic manouver. Yes, it's all in rev's and the clutch, but simply dropping it is putting your fate in Dog's hands, and he can be a cruel bastard.
  15. The Hyosung is a vtwin.
  16. Happened to me too! Crapped my daks and too scared to do it again! :LOL:
  17. Ah well you won't need so many revs if it's a twin. Just build 'em up like any clutched wheelie, find your launch point, you should be right to go.
  18. ahhh good, its not too late for me to be the first to say

    BWAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAahahahahahhaha :rofl:

    :grin: thats better :wink:
  19. Don't know anything about the GT250 getting on the back wheel but that vid link was pretty cool. I going to try to get the front up on the GS. If I can do that then you can probably do the GT :grin: