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Am I doin somethin wrong.. Why cant drivers see me ???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. 10 weeks into my 'L's ... riding to work and back each day and loving it.
    I have had a few close calls, one or two because I didnt pay enough attention to potential problems. There is a situation, however, that keeps occuring and I am wondering if its my fault??
    When travelling in the left lane ( as I usually do ), I generally sit in the centre, then veer to the right side of the lane when passing any street to my left, so I have maximum view of any vehicle approaching the intersection. ( and visa versa ). When there is a vehicle there, I usually also cover my brakes, slow a little and keep an eye on the car just in case it decides to make the turn ( left or right ). Quite a few occasions I have had cars just turning in front of me. One actually paused as i approached, and I am SURE we eyeballed eachother, so I continued on .. low and behold HE TAKES OFF !!! :shock: I still had brakes covered, slowed quickly to an almost stop, before going around him.
    Are drivers really THAT blind?? is it me???
    I have now been flashing my highbeams on and off whenever i see a vehicle that may travel into my path .. just to be SURE He/She sees me.
    I would appreciate anyone advice as to what they do to ensure they do NOT become roadkill to one of these blind, dumbass, ignoramis drivers. :shock: :shock:

  2. Welcome to riding in traffic. :roll:

    The other thing to do is move around with the lane - do a little slalom when you're not sure that a side street car has seen you.

    The human eye can immediately pick up movement, i.e., slalom, but a single point light source moving in a straight line is a much harder thing to assess - even if flashing.

    Another tip for you is to take note of wheels of the side street car. YOU will see wheel rotation a fraction faster than you will note a car moving.

    :) Great to see you're covering brakes and practicing good roadcraft. :)
  3. I've had a pedestrian cross in front of me when he saw me cover the brakes.
    No zebra crossing or anything. A narrowish road.

    I barely stopped in time. He didn't even flinch and just kept strolling across the road. I had to come to a complete standstill. I would have yelled at him but I was too worried about possible cars that were about to come up behind me.

    I wouldn't recommend flashing the high beam. That could be interpreted as a signal that you want to let them through.

    Same with slowing slightly. They may think you're slowing down more than you actually are.

    In those high traffic roads where I'm passing a lot of little streets that people are waiting to come out of, I sometimes use a quick left handed "Thanks for waiting" wave just prior to going past them.

    Just make sure it doesn't look anything like a "wave them through" signal.
  4. It's a fact of life. It will always be a gamble to travel for long distances in the left-most lane, and if I do do it I make sure I'm ahead of the pack so I have some maneuvering space on my right if I need it.

    Be careful out there - some drivers are just idiots, no other explanation can be given.
  5. i have noticed the same thing a few times, i think it is more down to the driver thinking we're further away than what we really are as we're a small unit compared to a car.

    maybe they think you slowing down means you'll be turning into the street they're coming out from?

    just be alert, anticipating it, covering the breaks, and make sure you have somewhere to go if it goes bad (re: survival space).
  6. +1. I've noticed a lot of vehicles lately doing this. They do it to the merging buses. Wouldn't want of those to get confused and take your lane. :(
  7. :shock: Never thought of that !! Good Point Thanks!

    :wink: Yep ... Boy it gets tiring when one has to 'think' for every driver within sight
  8. I hate that, for some reason the rules of "Giving way" when a motorcycle is involved seems to confuse most people.

    I have had instances where I have had right of way, yet morons will simply go and then if I honk/flash lights they yell at me?
  9. +1

    No more flashing!
  10. I think being a new bike rider has made me a better driver in this sense.

    Any time I'm in the car (because beer and children don't fit on the bike) I have become really aware of riders. Partly because I feel like nodding to them...but mainly because I have become aware of how blind drivers can be to bikes.

    If bike sales keep increasing Vic Roads might have to alter the driving test to incorporate some kind of bike awareness angle.

    Aw hell...they should anyway just to keep me in one piece!
  11. +1 to that seenusink

    i've also noticed that i have alot better gear changing control, though i tend to speed alot more in my hylux, then i did before(just feels weird sitting in that cage, without all that wind i feel like i'm not moving)
  12. blind drivers

    I agree about being aware of other bike riders.I sit to the right side of the road on 2 lane highways so oncoming traffic can see them. I move to the left or right if a bike is lane splitting. I try to stay to car lengths behind if following. Look into thier general direction at a round-a-bout.etc. Wearing dayglo pants ,with lights on, riding in all the right places:ie blind spot , mirror, lane, is very tiring but necessary, but car dummies are everywhere.Modern day selfish condition my space me me me.Mirrors? Whats that?
  13. I have to agree with the guys on the flashing lights, an older rider friend of mine told me its good to flash trucks/buses who are overtaking you to give them the go ahead once they pass you - ie so they know they can merge back in, so definately don't want to give someone that message at the wrong time. Mainly this is for the highways and bigger roads though.

    I think a huge problem these days is that people no longer merge properly, they don't indicate in advance, and they don't wait for a spot to be open, they just force their way in, which is dangerous and irresponsible. I never sit in anyones blind spots and have still had people merge into my lane, which always gives me a scare.

    Watching wheels is a great tip, even with no indicator you'll see the wheels spin out towards the road and you'll see them start to move if they will pull out.

    I have only ridden for about 6 months, but I've been driving for a few years, so I have learnt to read the traffic and behaviour of other people to a certain extent, the more experience you have the better you get.
  14. Ive been trying this since you posted.
    You know something ..... IT WORKS :shock:
    Well at least I think so .. I havent had a case where someone has pulled out in front of me again ( due to not noticing me that is ) .. I still get assholes that pull out on purpose tho :evil:

    Thanks Mate ! :!: :idea:
  15. I immediately thought this as I read your post. They probably think you're turning or letting them in! When travelling on a multi-lane road, try to get into the habit of NOT riding beside another vehicle in the next lane - and obviously keeping away from their blind spot as well - just in case you need to swerve to the right quickly.

    The left lane is generally the worst place to be for bikes. THey are generally in worse condition than other lanes and may contain stones or other debris. Not to mention the creeping cagers that you describe.

    Stay safe!

  16. So the right lane is best on a two laned road? The centre lane on 3 a laned?
  17. right lane means that you are closer to a head on... :(

    My comment on this particular situation would be that, when the driver sees you move further to the right, they may think that you are moving into the right hand lane, so they go...

    and because they are stupid...

    Why is it... the less powerful a car is, the more likely they are to pull out on you... but, the more powerful a car is, the slower they will accelerate after they pull out on you???

  18. Re: Am I doin somethin wrong.. or do some drivers wanna kill

    I like to be in the right wheel track if I'm in the left lane and the left wheel track if I'm in the right lane. Easy to switch lanes from there. (if I'm in someones blind spot, I move to the other wheel track or drop back.)
    Centre of the lane seems to be where all the crap gathers.
    I try to be positive in what I do but have an escape route (that I don't telegraph).
    Since I've started riding I watch good riders and copy what they do. Its like they have a bubble around them that no one else gets into.
  19. Re: Am I doin somethin wrong.. or do some drivers wanna kill

    ditto. i tend to follow that strategy too.

    riding home from work this morning, two lanes turning right with the driver beside me (i was in the left of the turning lanes) deciding that he wanted my lane too. at the angle i was at i had too straighten up and ease off to avoid the sod (and hope that the car behind me wouldn't collect my rear end).

    i would've loved to have sunk my boot in to his rear passenger door but there's really little point. just had to get on with getting home.

    so yes, to the OP, they are trying to kill you, but in a subtle way. i don't think they're being deliberate, just inadvertently. you just really need to be observant out there.

    as my momma used to say, "Ta matia sou decatesera"*

    *Greek saying translated to "Your eyes fourteen". as is look everywhere and watch everything, be careful out there.
  20. Re: Am I doin somethin wrong.. or do some drivers wanna kill

    Hey twistngo, looks like a plan that works :idea: I'm adopting this strategy now. I did, however stick to the centre of the left lane this morning ... the wind was blowing me all over the place, I figured the centre was safest in this instance . :shock:

    I guess being the smaller of the 2 vehicles out there, we should show more restraint ... but GRRR there are times i just wanna grab a cager and ..... :blackeye:

    Good advice from Momma .... Mums are usually always right .... :blah: