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Am I doin' lean right?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by toadcat, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. wtf lolz at the first bike.
  3. First rider has some serious twisted body. Half a bum cheek off, bend the elbows and lean the front of the body into the corner as well. Head should be in the vicinity of the mirror. Left foot should have the toe ball on the peg...not heel. Or something like that anyway.
  4. jesus!, what ever you do, dont follow that front rider, get in front of him..over exageration plus! he is getting ready to Highside himself!
    and remember ...confidence will bring speed...and confidence is about learning..in that order. if wanting to learn always point your hips towards the corner, and u dont need to take yr bum off the seat...yet!. and enrol in a course to learn properly, not what mates etc say, or go and at least buy "twist of the wrist" vol 2. Amazon, it will help in understanding at least
  5. geez, what a shocker
  6. The first rider has ok technique. A little more practice and you will rock and roll as hard/fast as I do:

  7. Just goes to show how forgiving of bad technique bikes can be when you're dawdling.
  8. Crossed up much...
  9. Looks spot on to me... CSS recently I 'm guessing.
  10. First rider needs to weight the outside peg more.

    Other than that, perfect!
  11. Yes, but you should be looking at that big outcrop of rock on the side of the road and not gazing off into the distance.
  12. If a noob reads this thread I reckon they're going to have a brain melt. Deciphering the responses to the OP's question... SOmeone might want to clarify what's right and wrong with the technique.... Just a thought.
  13. What's wrong with their technique is wearing leathers with an aerodynamic hump despite being on a naked with an upright riding position. [-X
  14. I thought the idea is to keep the bike as upright as possible for more tracktion and shift your body weight towards the corner, not to the opposite direction.
    Obviously the bike has to lean, but not more than your body.
  15. ...I'm all for a proper talk about technique etc... but you guys get that the OP had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek when posting up the pic??
  16. Nah bro, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to counter steer into the turns.

    - Bad actor in TOTII advice.
  17. Nah he's just scrubbing in his TYRES. All the cool kids are doing it.
  18. Haha. Looks like me on my first combo after conquering the "Ohshititsgonnaflip" demons in left handers :twisted:.
  19. i think it should be more like this

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  20. First rider looks like he has a similar body position to this bloke.. cant be going too badly..