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Am I Derek Zoolander??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hongyi77, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Do you find turning left or right easier? Are you left or right handed?

    I am right handed and find turning right comes more easily that turning left, despite reading stuff that tells me turning right is harder due to having to control the throttle etc. I wonder why.

    After a week of shitty left downhill decreasing radius turns at my work car park. I am beginning to think I can't turn left!!

  2. I'm better at lefts and I'm a righty.
    at a training day last year I was relating my uneasy feeling to the instructor and his reply still sticks in my head today
    "just do it ya pussy"

    The bike will go round the corner, you just need to relax enough for the bike to do what it needs to do
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  3. I don't think I have a preference or am better at left or right, but on right-handers you are at the edge of the road for your entry and staying wide keeps you close to the edge. Maybe there's a psychological thing at work trying to keep you away from the edge and that makes the entry sub-optimal?
  4. I prefer turning left :) (Right handed) But I think that is because I don't have to go across a lane rather than it is easier! :p

    When I was doing my Ls I kept stuffing up the right turn when I was practicing for the test then when I did the test I did an awesome right hand turn and nearly screwed up the left :p
  5. Show us a pic and we can tell you if you are Derek Zoolander or not. Here is a pic for comparison :p


    On a more serious note. I used to be a right hander but since hitting the track I have learned to be both :). Track riding does improve your riding skills that's for sure :)
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  6. Maybe when I perfect Blue Steel Ahhahahaaha :D maybe even Magnum one day...

    I am still learning to relax into the turn, upper body is way too stiff.
  7. I'm equally crappy at both. But I always put my right glove on first.

    Now, lets talk about nodding.
  8. Slowly but surely, you will get there...both in perfecting the looks and turning relaxed :).
  9. Time for some road work? Just say the word.
  10. Yes sir-ee. This is a horrendous week of a lot of upper body and mental tension. Maybe I am getting over my holiday. And the bike drop rattled me a bit, just getting confidence back on driveway again.
  11. So do we need a Derek Zoolander Institute for riders who can't turn good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too?
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  12. So you're not an ambi-turner? :):)
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  13. Oh yes pick me, pick me!!
  14. in traffic only turn left
  15. Preferred turning right, felt like I had more control with my right hand pushing than left (right-hander). Or maybe that was just because I always had my hand on the tank, so couldn't turn left anyway :p