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Am I cursed???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bunjumung, May 10, 2009.

  1. I have been riding since November last year, and as of about a month ago, felt confident enough in myself to tackle some mountains :grin: the nearest being the Oxley Highway, between Walcha and Ginger' Creek.

    It is an absolutely phenomenal road, but both times I have been down there, the rider I have been riding with has crashed :cry: The first time, my mate binned his GSX-R 750 K6 and escaped unscathed but doing 4 - 5 grand damage to the bike.

    The second, Friday, resulted in another mate being air lifted to Tamworth Base Hospital, and writing off his bike. Both times I have let the person I was riding with go ahead, allowing myself to tackle it at my own pace... only to go around a corner and find them in the gutter.

    Both riders were 'Oxley Virgins' when they crashed, my question is am I cursed? or just bad luck that I have a 100% crash ratio???
  2. i'd say your smart not cursed, by going at your own pace you have stayed upright and unscathed, well done enjoy the oxley you lucky bugger :LOL:
  3. Yeah, location wise I really am quite lucky, I have the Oxley, Waterfall Way and Thunderbolt's Way all within 2 hours :LOL:
    Now I just have to convince the missus to let me ride 'em again
  4. Im a great believer that you ride your own bike and not the one in front of you, I guess in these casses it paid off for ya. Congrats on the correct choice to take your time. Safe riding,,,
  5. I'm with waedwe :LOL:.
  6. maybe you're a jinx? or you should choose your riding partners more carefully.
  7. We have a WINNER!! :)
    Nothing to do with curses, just good riding sense.
  8. ^ ^ ^
    that's right, there are no world championship points on offer out there but big penalties for a DNF
  9. Once you throw a leg over your bike and grab the bars, you are in charge of your own destiny...

    I presume your mates were somewhat experienced riders, and for what ever reason - the least of which is you - fell off or crashed out.

    Nothing to do with you!...Of course...had you not invited them or asked them to go for a ride, they might not have come off, so you could have a slight sense of guilt, which would be human nature, but really mate, you did'nt create their accidents.
    Usually it's the other way around...an inexperienced rider crashes while trying to "keep up" with his mates...be glad that you were riding your own pace behind them, so that you were there to help when it all went pair-shaped, I reckon.
    While I would gratefully welcome help from any kind soul, it's always better when it's someone you know, helping you out after you've come unstuck.

  10. Both riders were relatively new, the bloke with the gixxer had his full licence since February-ish and the guy that crashed on Friday has been riding for as long as me, but tends to be more reckless in his riding.

    I am also trying to learn the road somewhat before I hook in properly, because there are so many things that could go wrong that aren't in my power
  11. What all the others have said.
  12. Sounds like your doing everything right to me :)
    Riding to your limits and slowing working up to the knee dragging hoon that is laying dormant inside every biker :wink: :twisted:
    Your mates, although I do feel for their pain and suffering from dropping their bikes, got the adrenaline rush and rode above their limits and paid the price. Or they where just unlucky ?

    As everyone else has said, your in control of your own actions on a bike and from what I've read you sound like you have a lot of very happy riding years in front of you :cool: :)

    I'm sure your other half will relax somewhat one day :LOL: My better half knows me and my bikes and there range depending on where I'm heading, If she doesn't get a msg within half an hr of what see thinks should be a routine fuel stop. She's ready to call out the SES /Police/ Army/ Navy/ AirForce to start looking for me :tantrum:

    Living n Coffs those roads you mention are also on my regular list of rides [ when I have a bike :cry: :LOL: ]

    It may be a pain, but perhaps shorten your rides for a while and send her regular updates of where your are how your doing etc. Or if she is willing find a 'sensible' mate that can pillion her so she can see you ride and how you are taking things one step at a time :)
  13. Sound like a bit of "I'll show him how fast I am".

    Nothing to do with you.

    Well done for riding at your own pace and not trying to keep up.
  14. Yeah, the main thing that spooked her was that I didn't call... Because of the range, there was no mobile reception and it took around 3 hours for everything to wind up :(
    I knew she would be worried, but there was nothing I could do, I had to take care of my mate
  15. probably the case.
  16. Learning the road is all well and good but conditions change,my rule of thumb is no gass till i see where the road goes around the corner,you then dont get cought by tightening radios corners and to a lesser extent what the surface is like,some of those corners on the Thunderbolts are very motocross like.Can you remember what side of the road your mates went off on,bet they went in hot and ran out of road.The great joy of the Oxley is linking the corners in a smooth controled way,its easy to go hard in the first and completely stuff the next one
  17. @Zim, that is exactly what happened, the second corner of a chicane he ran wide, into the rock face. Also, being a right hand corner, he had no area to run wide
  18. Classic 'overcook' and not trusting yourself or bike to LEAN harder, at worst he would of lowsided trying to get around. I'm guessing he was almost upright when he hit the rockface with rear wheel locked up as well ?
  19. +1 to waedwe.

    The first time i did a hill was with Hornet on the Mac Pass. Biggest piece of advise he gave me was don't try to keep up with others, ride they way you feel comfortable. Have done it twice since and always remember Hornet's words of wisdom and have enjoyed it very time.
  20. You are so cursed.