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Am I completely Batty?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jym, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Tell me NR, am I complete loon?

    Today in the heavy rain and forecast hail, I'm going to Sunbury to pick up my new CBR250R (Fi?)

    I'm gonna have cold roads, new FACTORY tyres, rain, possibly hail, and no wet weather gear. Then once I get my beautiful vehicle I must ride for half an hour down the Calder to get to work.

    I feel like a loon.

    Share your stories!

  2. i uh... don't know if that's the best idea... good luck! :)
  3. maybe not a complete loon, but certainly lacking in basic planning :LOL:
  4. You're not crazy, you're a motorcyclist!
  5. Couple of things I could say.
    \1/ dont forget your unbrella..
    \2/ yellow raincoats dont cost much, garbage bags with a hole for your head and arms cost even less and a newspaper stuffed inside your jacket to 'block the wind' will keep your core temperature up so your hands dont get as cold..
    \3/ YAY, Its NEW BIKE DAY, they dont happen very often so make the most of it, I used to take the day off work and then visit everyone I know to show them the new toy, If I was really excited I'd visit random shopkeepers and get them to come out and have a look at my new bike.

    Be carefull and have a good day.:beer:
  6. legen... wait for it! dary :D
  7. You'll enjoy it whatever happens...

    Remember when I got my L's...
    We'd been in a drought but there I am at the showroom....
    Got my L's one week earlier, sales guy handing me the keys and a freakin storm hits minutes before I'm about to leave.
    As it's pouring, he's telling me about new tyres, slippery when new, worst when wet, etc, and my mind playing games.

    Rode it home in the rain with the mind in a state of worry about the unknown as there's plenty at that stage of your riding.
    In the end all good with the only downfall bringing a brand new bike home for the first time DIRTY!

    Have fun, ride carefully for the first time and enjoy.
  8. K Mart have cheap plastic coats and pants, Totally water proof,
    They will do you till you get some thing better,

    Stuff the weather, Its my new bike, Thats all that counts, Enjoy it, even if it is pissing down,
  9. The day I picked up my Bandit it was raining. I didn't care, I just wanted to ride it.

    Just be careful, new tyres and wet roads can make for a slippery ride.
  10. Sounds like when I picked up my first bike - riding home in a heavy thunderstorm/hail in jeans and runners (and fishtailing the bike through a roundabout :shock:).

    So yes, you are a loon. Welcome to the club :).
  11. You might want to take some string so that you can tie it to the handlebars.
  12. Be careful. Have fun.
  13. Most of the rain has disappeared now so you should be ok this arvo
  14. Hahahaha, I got it.
    Apparently I'm a loon.
    I rode it home from Sunbury no worries, off the exit ramps, no worries, corners no worries, nothing to worry about.
    Then I realise I have to go around a roundabout to enter my street. Panic strikes. I think to myself "Its all good, I just won't lean, I'll slow down and handle-bar it around."
    Well, for those of you playing at home, the 2011 CBR250R has quite a high ride height, and weighs next to nothing.
    Going about 15-20k's around the roundabout, I turn my handlebars, its all going well, then all of a sudden I'm apparently leaning a little bit, because the damn thing slid out from under me.
    Completely frustrated I get up, people are slowing down around to roundabout to ask me if I'm alright, to which I give a nod. I look to where I'd fallen, and there's nothing there...no reason for me to fall...it was just bad luck I guess.

    New tyres on a wet road.

    I guess it means no twisties for me until the sun comes out.

    Also - K-Mart $10 jeans do a fine job holding up against the road, they only tore a little, and the knee I landed on is just a little scraped up. Nothing worth writing home about.

    The bike is also fine. That huge can of an exhaust its got on it brunted virtually all the punishment, but there's a tiny scrape on the front fairing that I reckon I can fix with a tiny bit of cut and polish.

    Good thing new cans are coming out soon!

  15. Shit, just shit.. :cry:
    Sorry to hear it mate, when they go without warning and you cant find anything on the road its probably a diesel spill.. And yes it doesnt take a lot with new tyres on wet roads..

    The first scratch is always the worst..
  16. Hail hurts.
    If you have to pull up under a bridge to get out of the hail. Leave your bike on the side of the road and get well away from the road.
    Very ugly when one car does not stop.
  17. I have to remember to get some of that CE armour, (Or a decent pair of riding pants) my knee is starting to swell up like a mofo! Haha
  18. I'm riding to Sydney again on the gsxr in the rain.
  19. You probably landed on your knee, and no amount of armour will prevent a bruise coming up.
    Unfortunate that you were almost home when it happened,

    You didnt touch your front brake by any chance did you,
    new tyres on a roundabout in the wet, very slippy,
    Recipe for disaster.
  20. Na I didn't touch the brakes at all, or accelerate. You know what I think? I think this is payback. My missus said to me this morning "You really cant ride home in this weather, the roads are gonna be slippery. You're going to fall off" I said "I'll be right, I'll just take it easy. Nothing to worry about"
    And look...once again, the woman is right.