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Am I being unreasonable?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chmaiden, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. I was having a mooch around the bike shops in Elizabeth St yesterday and saw a great deal on a used naked bike - was told by the sales advisor it was $6k. Took it out for a test ride, and loved it. Brought my cruiser round for a valuation of trade in. They basically offered me a quite low amount for the boulevard (4k) and we started negotiating - cost to change starting at 2k. All along, the sales manager kept quoting it was 6k etc. I called back and couldnt get through to him, then called again this morning, and the sales manager told me it was all wrong and that the cost to change would be 5k!!!

    I'd brought in all my documents to do the deal - yesterday he said he would do it for 1k change. So am pretty disappointed with what he said this morning.

    Am I being unreasonable here? I know that he wont sell me the bike at 6k so not a lot i can do, but leaves a pretty sour taste in the mouth....

  2. I'd be asking them why the dramatic change in price.

    But in the end, if they don't want to do the deal, it's their loss. Walk away and keep up the search. Not as if there is a lack of bike bike shops or bike in Melb...
  3. he told me that the details had been incorrectly entered on the computer system. Basically went from 6k to just under 10k for a bike that is 11k new in the sales!

    Will chuck the boulevard out for a private sale and then i am more flexible (the boulevard is too big to commute on hence the switch to a naked)
  4. What model and year was this used naked bike?
  5. suzuki 3 years old
  6. What model? There's couple of naked Suzuki's.

    Regardless, the fact they changed their minds would tell me to shop elsewhere....
  7. Thats why you need to know what a good price is before going in so when they stuff up like the first time you realise its a bargain and get the contract signed so that they cant back out of.

    If you didnt get a contract they have every right to change their mind, just like you had the chance to change your mind with no penalty.

    Do your homework.
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    Not sure that they do under consumer law as that's a type of "Bait and Switch" marketing and is not legal in most states.

    Issue is that its one persons word against another.

    Personally I'd just walk away and not use that dealership again.

    Technically if you are offered a price in store and you come down to take advantage of that price and they have changed it then it would be bait and switch. The issue is proving it which in this case is harder to do. The OP was offered a product verbally at a price and they returned to take advantage of that price and the price was altered in between.

    Sounds like classic B&S to me BUT its a he says she says sort of thing so would be hard to prove.

    Cheers Spocky
  9. Thats not bait and switch because he walked into the store its not a advertised price.

    Bait and switch is illegal because of the costs involved with the consumer coming down.

    His choice to not come in without all the stuff needed to sell a bike. I wouldnt say that was their fault. They may of gone with sale on the day.

    Thats why you need to be prepared.

    Even if it was bait and switch the government would get the fine anyway. They still dont have to honour it, so really useless for op.
  10. Go elsewhere. And vertical C I argue a lot on netrider, but you just argue stupidly about absolutely everything. Spocky is right.
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    Look at the definition on the fair trading website. It clearly says that you need to entice the customer to your business, the op was already there.


    Is bait and switch advertising legal?
    Bait and switch advertising involves advertising a small number of goods at low prices to entice customers to your business. When the advertised goods quickly run out, customers are switched to higher-priced goods.
    It is an offence to advertise goods for sale knowing that you will be unable to supply those goods for a reasonable period. You are responsible for ensuring that there are enough supplies available to cover a sale. You still may not be able to meet the demand during a sale but you should have at least planned for it and have reasonable stock or offers available. This is not just common sense, it’s the law.
    What is reasonable will depend on the type of product, the context of any advertisement and your previous trading experience. The period of offer should also be made clear in the advertisement.
    If an offer is available for a limited period then put this in the advertisement. If stocks are genuinely limited, such as a clearance sale, say so in the advertisement.
    When you can’t meet the demand, you may offer to supply the advertised item to customers at a later date eg. a ‘raincheck’. This generally avoids customer dissatisfaction as well as indicating that the advertising was genuine. Alternatively, you can supply equivalent goods immediately and at the advertised price if the customer accepts.


    Are you deleting posts that make you look bad? Cmon.

    Its obvious i meant that the government receives the proceeds. Christ
  12. I think he means the State Government would receive the money from the fine not the person.

    @Vertical C what I was saying is that its a TYPE of B&S. Offering something for one price to entice the person to come back then changing the price when he comes back with the trade-in/ cash etc etc.

    The person has been lured back with the promise of one price only to be offered a more expensive price for the same product.

    Cheers Spocky
  13. OP stayed he saw a good deal on a naked motorcycle. Doesn't matter if he saw it on the internet, in a catalog, or......and hear me out, because Lord knows you think you know everything.....he went into the dealer and saw a price tag hanging off the mirror, that is still advertising. And as far as I'm concerned the price was then backed up by the sales manager as correct.
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    I cant find that as a definition anywhere.

    Do you have a source?

    Yes if he saw it before it would be. But considering its a trade in changeover its unlikely that they advertised a changeover price on the internet just in case someone had that exact trade in.

    So you are not going to admit that you read it wrong. No one is perfect Justus :)
  15. the Dealer Principal just called to tell me he has taken all the profit out and can offer it to me for $2600 more than the original price (8600 not 6000).... thats nice of him!!! ;-)
  16. He did see it before as a $6K price on the bike. Then it was confirmed by the sales manager. Read the OP again, then read it again, because I know you still won't understand it
  17. Source?
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  18. What bike is it? Km, model and year?
  19. gsr750 2011 model low km. The 6k would have been an awesome price and what i am annoyed about is that the sales lady checked it, then the sales manager got involved, and confirmed the 6k price twice! Thats the annoying thing
  20. You may have been told the trade in price (what they paid for it) because they looked at the wrong price. Thats happened to me.

    That gives you information that you dont normally get

    Counteroffer him.

    Less than $6 if you really want to be mean