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Am I being selfish????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by luvmyzed, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. we plan on moving interstate in a few months time and in a bid to downsize, make the move easier and add some dollars to the house moving fund, plan on selling our two bikes.

    No problem, you are thinking :-s as you can tell from my user name I have a 07 Z 1000 which I adore ( have had many bikes, this one for me, is the ducks nuts) I know I can get another Z1000 once we have settled in to our new place, it's just this one I really, really, really like and I don't want to sell it get another and the replacement is just not the same.

    I know it will be easier not to have to try and transport the bike, I know the extra cash will be handy, I know I can get another, it's just,for me like selling one of my dogs........you just don't do it.

    Am I being selfish???????

    Or should I just "suck it up princess" and sell it along with hubbie's bike??
  2. Keep the bike - definitely! The next one you buy will never be the same like you had. If you decide to sell it, don't buy another Z1000, because the 'new' one will never live up to the one you've got at the moment. Done it before, regretted it!

    Is it too far to ride it? Have you got a trailer or hire one? Remember, you'll always loose a bit selling and buying (not only transfer fees etc.).

    If hubbie is complaining, make him keep his one as well. Good luck with the move!
  3. The tough part about moving interstate isn't usually the cost and logistics of actually "moving the stuff"; it's the picking up your entire life and transplanting it somewhere else that hurts the most.

    Sounds like keeping the bike(s) would make settling in a lot easier once you get there, at the cost of some cash. If you can afford it, do it. If you can't, don't. It's your money and life.
  4. would you believe that mine is the same colour of yours!!

    No hubbie would never dream of complaining, he knows how much this bike means to me, he thinks that I am currently riding the best I ever have.

    Tassie to Adelaide, it's that bloody ditch in the middle that makes it more expensive and hubbie would not be happy at having me riding to Adelaide on my own. It's not that he doesn't think I am a compenent rider, he worries about the other noobs on the road.

    We will either trailer it, again the ferry costs extra $$$ when you add extra length with trailers or look into a transport company that will look after my "girl"
  5. If you do plan to buy another bike once youve reached your destination, it will simply be a large expense to buy another bike and hand over money to the road authority for change of ownership clerical fees and inspections.
  6. Given the enormous cost and inconvenience of a house move, is the additional cost of taking a trailer on the ferry really going to be more than a tiny percentage of the overall cost?

    Just keep the bloody thing. Get a trailer that will carry two bikes and keep them both. And don't follow my example and use the word cost three times in the same sentence :oops:.
  7. Ummm. "WE", plan on selling our bikes...ermmm....except you.

    Is that a new extreme version of chick-logic
  8. That's the 'royal we' mate!
  9. Can't you find anyone to bring it across for you? As an ex Tasmanian I'm back and forward all the time, and I know a lot of other people who are also. Particularly if you just want it taken to Melbourne, it shouldn't be too tough.

    Alternately, just ride it onto the boat when your car is driven on by your partner. Accompanied vehicles are cheap as they are subsidised by the Tas gov.

  10. Simple, sell hubbies bike, sell one of your dogs,,, keep the Z!!
  11. Any chance of leaving your bikes there at someones place, then when your settled in fly down and have a good ride back.
  12. It will be safer to sell the bikes now rather than get them stolen in Adelaide :wink:

    But seriously it will be cheaper to keep them if your planing on buying new ones after you get your self settled in.
  13. Winning ideas here!

    Personally I'd rather take up some extra shifts at a 2nd job to get some extra cash than have to sell something that gives me so much joy. If you're planning to re-buy when you're settled...why consider selling now? Although, wouldn't be fair to expect your hubby to have to sell up so he ought to have the option of keeping his as well.
  14. Ahaaa! Yes, of course, mate :)
  15. Or buy the cheapest old van you can find that's still on the road, put both bikes inside, ferry across as one vehicle, then drive off. Resell van later.
  16. Motorcycling's dangerous, but that's ok: just ride the bike, that's what they're for, and keep your head on and you'll be fine. My Taswegian Dad, just like my Mallee Mum, no longer panic when they drive through Melbourne. They used to. When I was about 10 and we were panicking our way through the Melbourne (from Tassie to Swan Hill) in the truck - all four of us lined up on the bench seat - and I needed the toilet, Mum handed me a coke bottle and said "We can't stop! Wee in this!"

    I held on.

    Anyway, if you don't want to ride it, would a mate be tempted if you pay their ferry, air fare and petrol, and hand them a bike to ride to Adelaide, and they can pay for anything else. A cheap bike holiday for them!
  17. My brother did this when he moved from Sydney to mackay. Bought this mitsubishi express hunk of junk, stuck the Ducati inside with all his belongings and drove there
  18. If you've found the bike you love don't sell it. You will never be able to replace it. If your gonna buy another bike down the track you may as well keep the one you have, it will be cheaper in the long run.

    You cant leave it with a friend for a month or so then fly back and ride it over?
  19. If you're looking at buying another later, you're mad to sell. You won't know the history of the replacement and there are significant costs in selling/buying anyway. Just ride it, you'll have a great adventure and if hubby is inclined to worry, get him a pack of valium, much cheaper than having it transported. Failing that, the buy/sell a van idea is good.
  20. What a great excuse for a road trip for you and your hubby. Settle in to your new place. Fly back to Tassie and ride home. Easy if there's no kids to look after. Do it Do it..
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