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Am I being punished?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GuttedEwok, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. This is good for a laugh people: One of the blokes at work gave me a porno DVD to take home the other day. I returned it to him today. I was on my way out of work, all the gear on and zipped up. I bumped into him, so took the bag off, unzipped it, handed over the DVD, had a quick chat, then took off home. When I pulled in the driveway and hopped off the bike, I noticed by tie was hanging out of the bag and almost touching the ground. "Lucky that didn't get caught in the chain", I'm thinking. Then I thought....holy crapola, I've ridden the whole way home with my bag open. So I rip the bag off, look inside, and notice that:

    * My new set of rather expensive pinstripe business pants are gone
    * My group certificate is gone (that tart in payroll is gonna love me)
    * My dark visor and visor bag are gone.

    Considering it's a 25km ride home, I decided against riding back along the ring road in pitch black at 100km an hour looking for black pants, a black visor, and a little piece of paper.

    So here's the question: Am I being punished for watching p0rn, or am I just incredibly stupid?
  2. I'll go with Option B. :facepalm: ](*,) Bad luck mate.
  3. Tough luck mate.

    I have done similar with my gloves and riden off with them sitting behind me, i dont know why i didnt put them on but needless to say they landed somehwere.

    Moral of the story i need to take my time when gearing up and not race off like it is the end of the earth :LOL:

  4. being the super geek that i am i brought a gameboy micro when they came out anas i was leaving one of the other geeks at work wanted to have a gander, so i told him its in the front pocket, he got it out had his look put i t back and i rode home. i get home to fnd the bag undone and the charger had fallen out on the way home. and they dont sell chagers any where.

    am i being told im too old for gameboys? :LOL:
  5. no, you are not being punished for watching p0rn. you are being punished for wearing fancy clothes to work ;)
  6. I think you're being punished for not copying the p0rn at work and giving it back to your mate immediately.
  7. lol. i'd be quite happy to wear shorts and tshirt but don't think it'd go over too well with the boss.
  8. I've got a better one!
    Some years ago I guy I was working with was riding his bike (Honda, BTW), home on a winter night, when he broke down, out of town. A helpful local lady with a couple of school kids on board stopped to help, and ended up giving him a lift to the next town, where the dude gets out, grabs his backpack and thanks the woman.
    When he gets home he opens his backpack to retrieve the porno vid he was planning to watch that night. To his horror, there is no vid, but only some school books and the remains of a cut lunch.
    It turned out that one of the kids, a high school aged boy, had an identical packpack, which the rider had grabbed by mistake when getting out of the car.
    He had no choice but to front up at the house of the family (address was inside the bag), return the boys bag, pick up his own, and plead for the return of the porno, which had already mysteriously disappeared :LOL:
    How embarrassment!
  9. ahhh, the irony, but your punishment isnt over yet, im going to tell you the psychology behind those who watch p0rn [without their partner]

    before i do that i should mention i never had a problem with the few xboyfriends who were into p0rn, since learning this, i changed my view.

    there is a faze boys go thru in early maturity development [well, most boys anyway]. ie they would walk out side a buiding, notice other people standing around and think 'they're here because im here'.

    the reason it only happens to males is because it's part of the ego and male ego is a lot stronger than womans, just like most womans emotions are a lot stronger than mens.

    there comes a time in the male development where they realize they're not as noticed as they thought they were, and that they are not the focus of others.

    in some cases, a small amount of this faze continues on into adulthood and is expressed by viewing p0rn.

    the underdeveloped ego has no problem seeing himself receiving the affections of a woman who is completely out of his reach.

    the reality of his circumstances do not enter into the fantasy because his reality is based on an under developed ego [which is much better than an over developed ego]

    don't you just hate me now? :LOL:

    im such a biatch!
  10. biatch? I dunno. Off-yer-trolley wacko? Absolutely. Your trolley rolled off down the street years ago and it may never return.

    Poor girl, you need to sit down with a good porno.
  11. man, my ego must be non existant :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Ewok, I share your pain... two wallets in the last 3 months went to the Motorcycling gods due to absent minded unzippedness... :roll: :roll: :roll: Not happy Jan.

    As to the convoluted explanation of the psychology of p0rn... *looks at stump and shakes head*... boys are wired for visual stimulation... its physiological and about that simple in MOST cases. Deal with it.

    Hey Stump, how do you explain female attraction for p0rn?? e.g. there is a growing trend in female friendly sex shops. Businesses don't outlay capital for no good reason... what's the psychological explanation for women's attraction to p0rn?
  13. No I don't hate you, I however, do pity you. I'm going to point you in the direction of enlightenment:


  14. One is never to old if the boy is truly game.
  15. Spot on.

    I don't know where you get your information Stump...but I have to say I think this lot's crap.

    What? They think people are there because THEY are??!! Riiiiiiiight....please oh please direct me to the scientific studies that prove this...

    I think you'll find that EVERY human being comes to that realization...male AND female...

    What BS. While I'm female, I have no issue with watching p0rn. Have done in the past, have no issue with doing it in the future. I'm here to tell you, I have NEVER felt like I'm the focus of others...bar the ages of 0-say...gee, I dunno, when I could go out without having to tell my parents my exact whereabouts? :p

    So please, do tell, I'm female - what's MY attraction to p0rn :roll:
  16. +1 she is a nut bag :shock: :LOL:

    Stump what kind of drugs are you on and how much by the G? can you hook me up cause you seem to be in another world :twisted: :?

    Peeahh i know heaps of females like you and plenty of males who watch p0rn for shits and giggles or cause they are horny fcuks, not because there "ego" has taken control or what stumpy was on about :? :facepalm: ](*,)

    I do not know one bloke who actually thinks he is the centre of attention when he looks at p0rn :? Infact it is more a case of someone needing visual stimulation to get off :idea: Also how come its fine to watch p0rn with your partner but not ok for a bloke or chick to go and get off whilst they are alone :roll:

    You my stump are one messed up person, are you sure you didnt lose part of your brain in that acco?


    you guys get sooo fired up its a cracka!

    of all the things i could say, i will say this,

    [response to definition of biatch from someone's link]

    im not taking advice from someone who hangs out with a guy called spiro!!

    DEFINITION OF biatch

    woman who has the ability to stir and doesn't see the sad side.

    its not quite the stiring i had in mind tho. i didnt think youz would take it so seriously.

    ha ha

    there's nothing professional about it at all.

    cheers :cool:

    i was "punishing" him like i said, lighten up :grin:
  18. Exactly. They dig that kind of stuff Stump.. and many chicks know it and use it to their advantage. ;) :cool: :twisted: :p
  19. Jax, you've been a very naughty girl, :LOL:.
  20. peeah wrote
    why thank you for asking.

    it all started with the directors discovery of 'suspension of belief' .

    during childhood most woman fantiSIZE about a white knight that 'rescues' her. this comes from an in deph sense of rejection from the outside world, possibly because they smell bad and the vibe has reached the subconsious.

    when this fantasy continues on into adulthood, other needs come into play and the role of the white knight overflows into other areas and is forfilled thru suspension of belief when watching p0rn.


    paul wrote
    yes, im the only person here without inhibitors. i should probably slow down before you take the lap top away and say "we're not making that mistake again".

    cheers :cool: