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Am I a poser for sticking my knee out?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Viator, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Yes, yes you are. Pull your head in.

  2. Sticking your knee out is fine and is good technique anyway.

  1. I've only been riding for a few months, but I'm very keen to improve my riding wherever and whenever I can. Each time I go for a ride I try and practice something.

    Lately I've been trying to correctly lean off the bike as I go round tight corners or fast corners. Often I'll just move my head and shoulders but sometimes I'll move my bum over a little bit, put my toe on the pegs and open up my hips to the corner. In doing this my inside knee hangs off the tank while my outside knee hangs on to the tank. My cornering feels good when I do it a certain way.

    I remember at my Ps test the instructor asked who hung their knee off and when one bloke put his hand up the instructor said it's not necessary and does nothing useful.

    I think it looks cool, and the racers do it... but am I a poser if I do it on the street?
  2. You are only a poser if you do it when riding a naked bike.
  3. it's a shit poll,

    i know very quick guys that drag a knee everywhere and and others that barely move their ass of the seat....so i don't i think it makes fark all difference, except i agree it looks cool, and hey that's why we ride isn't it? :?
  4. Do you have knee armour or not?
    Knee out with knee sliders that have never touched the ground = poser.
    Knee out in shorts = respect :cool:.
  5. Oi, it's my first attempt at a poll. Cut me some slack.
  6. What about knee out in undies only? Does that make me weird?
  7. Who gives a feck about if others think you're posing... if it feels good do it.
  8. rofl

    knee out in shorts and touching the ground = maddog :p
  9. No. Riding with your knee in your undies would make you weird.
  10. +1. Exactly i hang off and stick knee out all the time even though i'm going slow. I also sometimes weave left to right in one lane when going straight. I'm just having fun there's nothing more to it than that.
  11. The point of getting your knee down is so you can recover from a lowside. However, you also need awesome skills to do this. Even with awesome skills its still quite a bit of arse to pull if off.

    So if you plan on hitting up track days or becoming a fast road rider it is probably a good technique to practice, it also allows you to judge your lean angles, but I think your a still a while away from actually going knee down, just judging by your OP.

    So, no your not being a poser by sticking your knee out. However your body, head and arse position are more important then where your knee is at.
  12. For maximum effect you should ride side-saddle so you can use both knees at once.
  13. somebody should tell this bloke...what a poser :roll: :LOL:

  14. You are'nt sticking your knee out...you are letting it fall to it's natural position because you are opening your hips up to the corner a little. Good technique.

    Anyone who says THAT is posing needs to have another think about what you specifically said..they may have over-reacted. :shock: :)

    It is true, that there is no need to stick your knee out in general riding...why would you. There IS no need...

    But if you are riding at a fairly high pace, opening up your hips, aligning your upper body correctly etc etc your knee will come out quite naturally, as your body position will demand it - it's the natural position to be in, and it will feel right - any other time and it will feel wrong.

    Sounds to me like you are just letting it happen naturally...but PALEEEASE.... don't get sucked in to trying to touch the road with your knee, by over-extending and reeeeeaching for it...instead learn to ride better so you can pull higher lean angles and let the road come up to you, instead. :)

    That's just my 2 bobs worth. :)))

    *Edit...just ignore Bam bam...he's a show off! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    (nice angle mate) :grin:
  15. +1 couldn't agree more, who cares, we are all different and ride for different reasons and get different things out of riding.

    DO what ever makes you feel good when you're on YOUR bike mate.....if someone thinks you're a poser....f**k em!!! :cool: :wink:
  16. agreed.
  17. Not me dood, I let Stookie take the SD out while I got some pics this is my best effort

  18. y rnt u chasing him on the chookie? :grin:
  19. Well you don't look too shabby either, mate...Nice form indeed.
    (Should've guessed that was Stookie showin' off).. :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Knee out lets you use less brake thru a turn.. not posing at all! :p